About The Compass Center, Our Staff, and Community Advisors

Who We Are and the History of The Compass Center (formerly the Center for Faith and Vocation)
For over 20 years the Center for Faith and Vocation had been a part of Butler’s landscape to help cultivate communities of religious diversity and distinctiveness while also partnering with students, faculty, and staff on exploring the pursuit of their life purpose. To increase our goals of being inclusive to all students, we updated our name to The Compass Center in 2024.  To carry out our mission, we have a dynamic staff, student interns, and an array of campus and community partners.

In 1995, Butler University received a $70,000 Lilly Endowment grant to create what has been the Butler Seminar on Religion and Global Affairs, which is now the Butler Series on Religion and Society. Building on this relationship, a roughly $2,000,000 Lilly Endowment grant was provided to Butler in 2002 to establish the Center for Faith and Vocation, and the Seminar was folded in as a flagship offering of the CFV. Between 2006-2009, then President Bobby Fong included a fundraising priority in the capital campaign to sustain the CFV. Since 2010, the CFV has been independently funded through university support, endowments, and external grants. Under its new name, The Compass Center will continue this important legacy of furthering the dialogue and lived experience of religious and secular diversity while encouraging big questions related to meaning, purpose, and contribution. We are proud of this history and the important offerings the Center has been able to facilitate, both on campus and within Indianapolis, using the language of “Faith and Vocation” for over 20 years. Moving forward, The Compass Center is excited to emphasize these same themes while maintaining our commitment to ensure that all are included in the exploration of religious, spiritual, and secular life, and the pursuit of meaning and purpose.

The Compass Center Staff

Daniel Meyers
Headshot of Daniel Meyers
Director, The Compass Center

Marguerite Stanciu
Headshot of Marguerite Stanciu
Assistant Director, The Compass Center

Anisse Adni
Headshot of Anisse Adni
Muslim Life Advisor

Michael Aronson
Headshot of Michael Aronson

Brent Hege
Headshot of Brent Hege
Senior Lecturer – Religion

Community Advisors