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Science, Technology & Environmental Studies

Science, Technology & Environmental Studies

The Science, Technology, and Environmental Studies (STES) program at Butler offers you interdisciplinary perspectives on the complex relationship between science and technology and our health, our families and communities, and the natural world.

In either program major—Environmental Studies or Science, Technology, and Society—you'll take sciences classes, doing hands-on investigation, observing nature, and applying the principles of research to determine how things work. You’ll also take humanities classes, discovering and discussing world-changing ideas, while challenging assumptions through creative and critical thinking assignments.

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies (ENV) majors focus intently on the environment and our interaction with it. They also gain specific knowledge in biology, chemistry, communication, and the humanities. Each completes a community-based internship or practical experience related to the environment and sustainability.

Science, Technology, and Society

Science, Technology, and Society (STS) majors examine how science impacts our world and how the economic, political, and cultural motives of society influence science. They graduate with
 deep interdisciplinary knowledge, intellectual flexibility, and communication and problem-solving skills crucial to any career.

Butler Distinctions

STES global warming


Science, Technology, and Environmental Studies majors take science-related courses in several Butler departments. For example, our students can examine issues related to global warming in natural science, sociology, history, philosophy, anthropology, and communication courses.

STES flexibility


STES majors can design their curriculum to follow their interests. Our two majors require only a small number of core courses. Once those are completed, you can choose from a variety of electives to complete your degree. You can pursue a double-major, to deepen your chosen path with even more cross-disciplinary expertise.

DC Semester


Butler’s location in Indianapolis allows STES students to gain hands-on experience as interns with leading environmental and healthcare concerns, including Hoosier Environmental Council, Duke Energy, Indiana State Department of Health, and the Butler Center for Urban Ecology. Some students intern through the Washington, DC Learning Semester program.

STES Internships


Knowing about different disciplines and how to connect them, STES graduates can carve highly individualized career paths. They are welcomed in healthcare, science, law and government, communications, city planning, social work, and environmental policy and development. Some teach science; others become technical writers or journalists focused on science and health. Read about recent graduate Tabby Ramsey '13 who combined her STS major with Biology with a goal to "educate kids and get them to love science and find value in science."