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An education built for tomorrow.

Butler’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences attracts and nurtures the kinds of students who are never satisfied with the status quo. We are a community of wonderful “ands”: Relentlessly ambitious and consistently collaborative. Data-driven and culturally inspired.

We immerse students in not only the oldest teachings but also the latest learnings in culture and language, science and technology, psychology and philosophy. In all disciplines, we incorporate research, we focus on communication, and we emphasize ethics. The results are just as wonderful as the “ands.” Our graduates are successful in every way they define the term.

Take a different path,
or one entirely yours

Sometimes, the best way to confront an evolving challenge is to upend the way we look at the world. Our four Interdisciplinary Studies programs leverage knowledge from across the liberal arts to address questions of equality, social justice, and the environment. You can even build a one-of-a-kind program with an individualized major.

Placement rate for recent LAS graduates.
Percentage of LAS students engaged in experiential education.
Majors you can complete in just three years.
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Literary Aspirations, Realized

Take advantage of small classes and interactive events as you earn your MA in English or MFA in Creative Writing. Both programs are flexible enough to accommodate your interests and career goals, as you immerse yourself in one of the Midwest’s liveliest literary communities.

Follow your curiosity wherever it takes you, from the nation’s capital to across the Atlantic
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Alumni Success

Psychology alum helps athletes with performance and mental health

Carson Fields ’21 is a current graduate student at Minnesota State University, studying Sport and Exercise Psychology. She credits her time at Butler to helping her understand and empathize with her clients while also learning how to be a leader and mentor.

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Faculty Spotlight

Supporting Student Success

Dr. Alicen Teitgen, a lecturer in Chemistry and Biochemistry, wants her students to succeed outside of the classroom just as much as inside the classroom. That’s why you’ll see her cheering on students on the field just as often as you’ll find her gathered with students around a white board in Levinson Family Hall, reviewing a particularly difficult Organic Chemistry concept.

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