Global Opportunities

Explore and experience.

Grounded in the mission of the liberal arts to provide students with a broad knowledge of the wider world, LAS invites scholars and professionals from around the world to campus and offers experiential learning opportunities in almost every discipline. Whether it’s interning in government and nonprofit organizations in Washington, DC, participating in an archaeology dig in Greece, or conducting research at the Smithsonian Tropical Institute in Panama, LAS students learn firsthand how to navigate the world and connect knowledge with practice across continents and cultures.

Study Abroad

From Butler, you can pursue a wide range of opportunities at 200 affiliated universities in more than 55 different countries, in places such as Italy, China, South Africa, and Australia. No matter what your major, you can find a program that meets your academic goals.

Information about Butler’s programs can found on the Study Abroad website.

Domestic Programs

When it comes to providing career-building internships, no other locations quite compare with Washington, DC, and New York City. Join students from other universities who are living, learning, and interning in these busy and exciting locations. In DC, Butler students earn credits by taking classes on foreign policy and the history and public art of Washington while engaged in real-life internships. The New York City Learning Semester is a new companion to our Washington, DC program. In addition to your internship experience, designated experiential short courses and field trips complete the experience. Contact the Engaged Learning Center for more information.

The Seitz Award

The Seitz Award is designed to financially assist Natural Science students who desire to study science and conduct research abroad, outside the normal academic classroom setting. All students with sophomore or junior status majoring in Astronomy & Astrophysics, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics are eligible to apply. Sophomore and junior majors in Psychology, studying Physiological or Cognitive/Neuropsychology, or in Anthropology, studying Biological Anthropology, Primatology or Archaeology, are also eligible to apply. Learn more about the Seitz Award.