Veterans Admission Information

Butler University recognizes and thanks you for your commitment to military service. As a military-friendly University, we certify Chapter 33-Post-9/11, Chapter 30, Chapter 31, Chapter 35, Chapter 1606, and Chapter 1607 education benefits for use at Butler. The Yellow Ribbon program allows our University to further support veteran students, making Butler an affordable option for those with 100% Chapter 33 educational benefits. Our faculty senate recently approved giving priority registration to all students receiving any type of VA benefits.

Complete the application for Veteran Benefits (VONAPP) online. When the application process is complete, the VA will issue a Certificate of Eligibility (COE).

Please submit copies of your COE and your DD214 to Sheila Blackwell in the Office of Financial Aid.

If you have not already had Education Benefits transferred to you as the dependent, your parent will need to complete that process online through milConnect. Once the benefit has been transferred, please complete the application for Veteran Benefits online. When the application process is complete, the VA will issue a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to the student receiving the benefit. Please submit a copy of the COE to Sheila Blackwell in the Office of Financial Aid.

Yellow Ribbon is a voluntary program that Butler has entered into with the VA.  Only students who are eligible for 100% of the Chapter 33 benefit (based on service record/time) and are pursuing a first bachelor’s degree are eligible.  The Yellow Ribbon is in addition to the tuition and fees received under the Chapter 33 benefits.

Currently, Butler has agreed to provide an unlimited number of students with up to $7500/year in institutional gift aid (Yellow Ribbon) and the VA will then match that additional amount. Awards are limited to tuition and fees. Yellow Ribbon may affect other gift assistance awarded by Butler. Please contact Sheila Blackwell in the Office of Financial Aid to request the Yellow Ribbon application.

Tuition Assistance through GoArmy:
Students complete an application at Go Army Ed. When application process is completed please send an email to Sheila Blackwell in Financial Aid and Sonya Moore in Records and Registration to begin the TA process at Butler University.

Tuition Assistance through other military groups:
Please email Sheila Blackwell in Financial Aid and Sonya Moore in Records and Registration to identify the group you are with and begin the TA process at Butler University.

Tuition Assistance at Butler University:
Currently TA pays approximately $750 per class up to $4,500 per fiscal year.  Students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to be considered for all federal, state, and institutional gift and self-help programs. A list of aid programs can be found here.

Students who are offered federal loans may decline all or part of their loan options. Students who wish to borrow Private Loans must have filed a FAFSA and are required to meet with Sheila Blackwell in the Office of Financial Aid prior to private loan processing.

In compliance with TA regulations, the University requires students to review the following information and links provided on this page. Students must then meet with Sheila Blackwell in the Office of Financial aid to sign our form confirming they have received and reviewed the information provided.

College Scorecard

College Navigator

Financial Aid Shopping Sheet from the US Department of Education

Paying for College resource from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Eligible tuition and fees at Butler University:

Tuition                                                 $ 44,990.00*
Health & Recreation Fee         $ 614.00*
Activity Fee                                       $ 376.00*
VA Chapter 33                                 $ -27,120.05*
VA Yellow Ribbon                         $-7, 500.00
Butler Yellow Ribbon                 $-7, 500.00
Balance to be paid                     $3859.95

 *Amount changes annually

Once certified for Chapter 33 educational benefits, the student will also receive their living stipend (see housing) and book stipend of $1000.

Students who file a FAFSA may also be eligible for Federal Pell Grant, Indiana State Grant and/or other awards. File your FAFSA with Butler’s school code of 001788 by March 1 for priority consideration of all aid programs. Visit the Financial Aid website for more information or for a full breakdown on cost of university attendance, click here.

These awards combine to make Butler an affordable option for our veterans and dependents of veterans.

Residence Life offers flexibility to non-traditional veteran students. Please contact Residence Life to determine your housing options.

The 2021-22 VA housing stipend for the Indianapolis area is approximately $1200 per month for full time students with 100% educational benefit.

The months of August, December, January and May are pro-rated by the number of days classes are held in each of those months.  You can expect payments to arrive by direct deposit the first week of the following month.

Example: August would be a partial payment of approximately $200 and would be paid the first week of September. September would be the first full month payment of approximately $1200 and would be paid the first week of October.

The billing and tuition refund schedule can be found here.

“Through the GI Bill and the Butler University Yellow Ribbon Program, I can pursue my goal of becoming a music teacher in a highly rated program at a school with a reputation for academic and artistic excellence and a demonstrated record of preparing graduates for success.  The administrative process itself was straightforward and uncomplicated.  I wish all other programs were like this!  The process has been made even easier with the support and help of the Butler University Financial Aid office.” – Melissa | Sophomore | Brookline, NH

“I have been highly impressed with Butler’s Office of Financial Aid. As a student recently leaving active duty and returning from deployment, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with the VA process. The Post-9/11 GI Bill is an awesome benefit, but it comes with a few hurdles in the beginning. Butler helped me navigate this so easily. Of special note, Debbie Ach communicated with me constantly about Veterans’ scholarship opportunities, local hiring initiatives, and especially any potential red flags with my VA benefits. She was unbelievably patient in walking this “old timer” through the financial aid process as well. For a group of students that are so used to serving others, Debbie and the Butler Financial Aid Office definitely understand serving us. Go Dawgs!” – Troy | Graduate | Hatfield, IN

“The staff in the financial aid office are so knowledgeable about the VA benefits and Yellow Ribbon Program. They are able to answer every question about applying for and receiving the VA benefit, the housing stipend and book allowance. There is quite a bit of paperwork involved intitially, and the process feels overwhelming, but the staff is incredibly patient, friendly and available, and my experience was truly a good one. I can only hope that the next financial aid office I deal with is as competent as Butler’s.” – Zachary | Sophomore | West Henrietta, NY

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