Office of Sustainability

Dawgs go green.

Butler University is committed to empowering all students, faculty, and staff to participate in Butler’s commitment to environmental stewardship and making a meaningful difference in the face of climate change. The University community is advancing a shift in campus culture to one that recognizes sustainability as part of Butler’s strategic priorities and academic mission, prioritizes sustainability in its decision-making, and supports every community member working on sustainability efforts. 

The Butler Sustainability Leadership Council (BSLC), the Office of Sustainability, and the Sustainability Curriculum Faculty Group play pivotal roles in realizing Butler University’s commitment to sustainability. As key pillars, they collaboratively drive a cultural shift on campus, embedding sustainability into the ethos of Butler University.

Give to the Office of Sustainability

Campus-Wide Initiatives

We’re spearheading sustainability initiatives in several key areas, including food and dining, waste and energy, grounds and buildings, and more.

Be a Part of the Solution

Your actions matter. Learn how you can take practical steps on your sustainability journey while at Butler and pursue an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Join A Green Program

Participate in Butler’s institutional sustainability goals in a meaningful and tangible way. If you’re a student, integrate sustainability into your academic journey as a Green Grad. If you’re a member of faculty or staff, complete challenges with your coworkers and compete for points through Green Office.