Green Office

Butler University is creating a culture of sustainability on campus by engaging faculty and staff in fun and innovative initiatives. Through the Green Office program, Butler employees are empowered to incorporate sustainable practices in the workplace for energy efficiency, cost savings, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and employee wellness all while supporting a more sustainable Butler community.

To participate:

Applying to become a Green Office can be completed in just a simple few steps:

  1. Discuss the Green Office program and your office’s sustainability interests and goals with the manager/director of the participating office.
  2. Designate a Green Office leader who will fill out the certification assessment, advocate for sustainability initiatives in your office, and communicate with the Office of Sustainability for support.
  3. Confirm at least 80% of your office members will also participate in the action area behaviors listed below.
  4. Use the Green Office Pledge to get signatures of colleagues showing support, including the manager/director. Send this document to Julia Angstmann, to notify the Office of Sustainability of your intent to participate in the GO program.
  5. Finally, complete the Green Office Certification assessment. Highlight 2-6 sustainability actions your office would like to achieve and/or needs support from the Office of Sustainability to achieve. Email the Green Office Certification assessment to Julia Angstmann,

What is an office?

An office is defined and determined by the group applying for Green Office Certification. Your office can be a small group that shares a general space or as large as an entire department. Consider who you interact with regularly and can communicate sustainability initiatives within a meaningful way.


Each office completes the Green Office Certification assessment and is awarded one of four levels: seedling, sprout, plant, and perennial. The Green Office Certification lasts two years at which point your office can choose to reapply and, after incorporating sustainability initiatives, receive a higher certification.

Green Office action areas:

  • The Green Office Certification covers eight different areas of sustainability: awareness, transportation, wellness, diversity, equity and inclusion, energy, waste reduction, purchasing, and innovation.
  • Review the sustainability actions below. These are the same questions you will answer in the official Green Office Certification assessment via Google form.