Our Mission and Team

The Office of Sustainability plays a central role in advancing and tracking environmental stewardship at Butler. Through initiatives such as energy efficiency and clean energy, waste minimization and diversion, the Sustainability Leadership Cohort, campus farm, and Green Programs, The Office of Sustainability fosters a sense of responsibility and awareness among students, faculty, and staff.


  • To advance Butler University’s academic mission and strategic vision by identifying and implementing data-informed sustainability initiatives that are fiscally responsible, promote behavior change, create innovative educational experiences, and enhance our campus’ pursuit of environmental and social well-being.


  • To exemplify The Butler Way and inspire our community, institution, and the next generation of leaders to become change makers for environmental, social, and economic well-being.

Office of Sustainability Staff

Julia Angstmann
Headshot of Julia Angstmann
Executive Director of Sustainability

Julie Lindeman
Headshot of Julie Lindeman
Assistant Director of Operational Sustainability

Tim Dorsey
Headshot of Tim Dorsey
Farm Manager