Student Opportunities

“I learned so much at my internship with The Farm. The Farm has a diverse array of crops that allowed me to gain invaluable experience in urban agriculture. I feel well equipped and knowledgeable to take on the world of plants!”– Paige J. ’16, Biology

The Sustainability Leadership Cohort (SLC) is an intentional internship model that focuses on peer-to-peer mentorship and community building while providing experiential opportunities for Butler students to practice real-world problem solving and learn tangible skills for professional development and career preparedness. Students in the SLC work on a variety of urban ecology and sustainability projects across campus and the community. SLC students and advisors meet weekly as a cohort to support one another, co-develop ideas, and engage as a community that works to solve complex sustainability challenges.

SLC internship opportunities are intended to expand the understanding of applied sustainability through the motto: research, educate, and empower. Students have to opportunity to work on an established project at Butler and/or with the community. In some cases, the SLC advisors may support a student in the design and development of a project specific to a student’s interest.

Students may volunteer, work for hourly pay (only available for some opportunities), and/or earn academic credit*. The Office of Sustainability is committed to working with students, faculty, and departments on campus to find a project that best fits each student’s goals and interests.

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Internship deadlines:

SemesterInternship DurationApplications AcceptedInternship Notification
SpringMid-January – Early MayMid-October until filledWithin 3 weeks of applying
SummerLate April – Late AugustEarly March – Mid-AprilWithin 3 weeks of applying
FallLate August – Mid-DecemberLate March until filledWithin 3 weeks of applying