Sustainability and Climate Action Commitment

President Danko signing the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment.
Butler President Jim Danko signs a climate pledge on campus April 16, 2012.

Butler University is a signatory of the Second Nature President’s Carbon Commitment, initiated by President Danko in 2012. This commitment states that Butler will reduce its emission of greenhouse gasses (GHG) by 15% in 2020, 45% by 2030, and 100% by 2050 from 2011 baseline levels. This important statement toward carbon neutrality highlights Butler’s commitment to minimizing climate change for the local and global community.

Combined with our decarbonization efforts, campus-wide sustainability initiatives complement and bolster our success toward a more sustainable and resilient campus community. 

Butler University Sustainability and Climate Action Plan

The Butler University Sustainability and Climate Action plan (BUSCA) serves as the roadmap that unifies across disciplines in the campus community to create holistic, sustainable change. BUSCA encompasses a wide range of efforts, from operational sustainability to individual well-being and contribution. 

BUSCA Overarching goals include:

  • Achieving AASHE STARS Gold Certification by 2025 after earning STARS Silver Certification in 2021 following the implementation of BUSCA across operations 
  • Increasing the accessibility of sustainability for individuals in the Butler community through resources, internships, education, and curriculum development
  • Empowering and mobilizing sustainability advocates across all areas of campus through cross-division collaboration and interdisciplinary behavior change programs 

BUSCA goals are aligned with the following Butler University Strategic Priorities and Initiatives, bridging Operations, Academic Affairs, and Student Affairs:

  • Initiative 1.2: Ensure the curriculum, pedagogy, and programs offered to meet the evolving needs of our students, their future employers, and society at large
  • Initiative 2.1: Advance student health and well-being
  • Initiative 6.3: Improve key University-wide processes to optimize efficiencies, cost, and experience 
  • Initiative 6.6: Enhance Butler’s commitment to environmental sustainability

Since the development of the Butler Sustainability Leadership Council (BSLC) in October of 2022, Butler has seen significant advancements in campus sustainability initiatives and BUSCA implementation. The commitment of BSLC members, faculty, staff, and students reflects the collective effort to enhance environmental responsibility and create a more sustainable campus community. 

How we Measure Success

Butler utilizes the AASHE STARS framework and SIMAP greenhouse gas reporting tool to assess progress on sustainability goals. These measurements provide accountability, evidence-based standards, and insight into the University’s current status.