Religious Studies Program

Religious Structure

The study of religion—a key element in most human cultures—is not only for the religious. Understanding religious human traditions is of great value in and of itself.

As our “global village” becomes increasingly smaller, opportunities for interaction with people of other cultures and faiths is constantly increasing. Especially in view of recent acts of violence perpetrated in the name of religion, it is crucial that we make greater efforts to understand one another better by studying both familiar religious traditions and prominent ones from other cultures.

Understanding about religions is important, whether one is planning for a career in medicine, politics, law, business, or something else. The study of religion at Butler University cultivates critical thinking, textual analysis, debating skills, curiosity, open-mindedness, ethics, decision-making, and understanding of other cultures and ways of life—skills that will serve students well in any profession.

Where your degree can take you

Our recent graduates have used their training in graduate studies of religion, theology, law, public policy, medicine, and creative writing. Others have entered the non-profit sector or religious ministries or found employment in teaching, acting, politics, and other fields.