Philosophy & Religious Studies

Life’s big questions. Explored.

The two regular majors/concentrations, three combined majors, and Ethics minor offered in Butler’s Philosophy and Religion department will develop your understanding by immersion in the humanities and ideas that have shaken up the planet.


Sharpening your reasoning skills.

Our undergraduate degrees in Philosophy and Religion, as well as our minor in Ethics, ensures that you’ll graduate with a more profound picture of the world and your place in it. This program will acquaint you with some of the main figures and fields of philosophy. At the same time, students will have the opportunity to better understand not only their own religion, agnosticism, or atheism, but also other world religions and cultures. Through the study of philosophical problems and using diverse methodological approaches and tools, you’ll strengthen your ability to think logically, critically, and ethically and learn how to accurately express complex new notions about our minds, morals, methodology, and more in both speech and writing.

Outside the Classroom

Join the lively discussions and social activities of our student clubs—one for each major. Meet other like-minded friends through Butler’s Compass Center and our Student Volunteer Center.