Muslim Studies Endowment

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Muslim Studies Endowment

Muslim Studies Endowment Butler University

The Muslim Studies Endowment promotes programming at Butler University that educates the campus and broader Indianapolis communities through increased access to accurate and engaging knowledge about Muslims in all their diversity in America and globally. The Endowment creates new opportunities for all of the University’s students and faculty to further their understanding of Islam as a living tradition, as well as the many people and cultures who have and continue to be shaped by it.

The Endowment recognizes the deep misunderstandings about Islam in America today, and counters simplistic and Islamophobic representations by supporting research, travel, and bold conversations that connect the study of Islam and Muslims to critical issues of our time. Through enriching programming that spans arts, culture, politics, sport, and beyond, we are learning from leaders and stimulating new conversations in and beyond the classroom.

In addition to exciting visiting speakers, students will find support for internships and study abroad experiences. For faculty, course development grants will support those developing curricula on Islam, Muslims, religious pluralism, and interreligious studies. For faculty whose research explores topics related to the Endowment, research grants will support new and developing projects.

Interested in being a part of Muslim life and the MSE at Butler?