MSE Internships & Study Abroad


Students hungry to contribute to and learn from local and national Muslim organizations will be able to apply for a paid student internship.  Possible internship hosts include the Muslim Alliance of Indiana, the Center for Interfaith Cooperation, the Islamic Society of North America, and the Council on American Islamic Relations. Up to two students will be sponsored each year. Students will contribute 126 hours, the minimum for 3 hours of credit.

Additional details and applications are located at The Compass Center site.

Support for Study Abroad

Students pursuing a study abroad agenda related to the study of Muslim societies, the study of Islam, or inter-religious dynamics may apply for a travel grant to supplement travel costs. (Students studying abroad who are Religion majors or minors may apply for additional support from the Campbell Fund).

Students interested in exploring these opportunities may contact Dr. Chad Bauman, who can guide you to plan your experience.