Interfaith Engagement

We are committed to the diversity of religious and secular life on campus, which is why The Center emphasizes interfaith engagement through our many distinctive programs, such as the Butler Series on Religion and Society, the New View Film Series, the Interfaith Council, and advocacy for religious accommodations.

Interfaith Goals

We encourage interfaith dialogue in the Butler community through networking and education.

  • Through networking, we hope to inspire the Butler community to create meaningful relationships and celebrate differences.
  • Through education, we hope to delve into questions of personal faith and encourage learning about other beliefs and practices.
Interfaith Council—2023-2024

Students can apply for one of twelve spots on the Interfaith Council each fall! Sponsored by The Compass Center, Butler’s Interfaith Council brings together students of all academic years, majors, and religious and secular backgrounds for dinner and discussion aimed at learning across differences, gaining knowledge of other faith traditions, and cooperatively leading interfaith engagement on campus. While belonging to a tight-knit community of interfaith leaders, Council participants will benefit from:

  • A deepened understanding of other religious traditions
  • Lasting friendships with a diverse group of peers
  • Resume-building experience working with people of different backgrounds
  • Leadership development
  • Free food!

Council members will meet every other week throughout the duration of the school year on Thursdays from 6:00-7:30 PM.

Butler’s Interfaith Council looks to promote interfaith dialogue and inclusion within the Butler and Indianapolis community. This dialogue will occur through extensive conversations as a Council across a diverse set of spiritual, religious, and philosophical backgrounds. The Council will create broader community events to promote religious appreciation.

Members of the Council must be committed to interfaith relationships, value teamwork, and aspire towards leadership on campus. The Council will function as a team and work together to engage the Butler community.

Current Interfaith Opportunities