Meaning and Purpose Reflection

Who is invited to explore their meaning and purpose? Everyone! No matter where you might be on your journey at Butler, having opportunities to reflect on what your values are, how you make big decisions, and how you navigate the uncertainties of the future is an essential part of the college experience. Pursuits of meaning and purpose are about considering how best to make a contribution to the world with your life’s work.

What do we mean by “meaning and purpose”? Who are you? Where are you going? And how can you help others? These questions are big, and often take a lifetime to answer. The Compass Center offers experiences and resources to not only ask these questions, but to give students the tools to self-author the answers by making decisions informed by their values.  Our goal is to journey alongside students in their pursuit of connection and direction.

How does The Compass Center facilitate exploration of meaning and purpose? We provide students, faculty, and staff with ways to assess their values, make hard decisions with confidence, use choices as opportunities for self-authorship, and find mentors and networks of support on their journeys.

See below for more details and resources and specific programs that foster vocational reflection.

Meaning and Purpose Practices

Programs and Opportunities for Exploring Meaning and Purpose