Spiritual Care and Connection: Request a Conversation

Butler students, faculty, and staff are busy. In the midst of all the many priorities of academics, campus life, and working towards one’s future, sometimes we need to pause, breathe, and get support. The Compass Center staff as well as our Compass Center Community Advisors are available for conversations to listen, provide a non-judgmental and non-anxious space, reflect back, and think out loud about next steps if needed.

Common topics discussed in these conversations include:

  • Stress and change
  • Making a decision for the future
  • Relationships and community
  • Topics related to identity, including but not limited to gender, sexuality, race, class, culture, ability, and religious tradition
  • Theological or spiritual questions, concerns, and ideas
  • Seeking meaning and purpose

Please note that  a spiritual conversation is not clinical treatment, nor is it an emergency response resource.


The Compass Center staff and advisors who are ordained in their tradition can offer confidentiality. The Center’s staff and affiliates who are not ordained, while able to offer a high level of privacy, are obligated to report to relevant campus contacts if a crime, sexual misconduct, or the abuse of a minor is disclosed. If you would like more information about reporting obligations related to Campus Security Authorities, visit campus-security-authorities.

For information about reporting obligations related to sexual misconduct, visit sexual misconduct for employees.

For more information about how the University responds to reports of sexual misconduct, visit sexual misconduct/university response.

Those listed below with an asterisk* by their name are confidential resources.

Conversation Partners

Who would you like to have a spiritual conversation with? You will need to be logged in with your Butler Google account to access this form. Request a Conversation