Spiritual Care and Connection: Request a Conversation

Butler students, faculty, and staff are busy. In the midst of all the many priorities of academics, campus life, and working towards one’s future, sometimes we need to pause, breathe, and get support. The Center for Faith and Vocation staff as well as our CFV Community Advisors are available for conversations, making connections, and offering care.

Why request a spiritual care conversation?

We are here to listen, provide a non-judgmental and non-anxious space, reflect back, and think out loud about next steps if needed. Different CFV Community Advisors may be connected to particular religious or secular traditions that inform that advisor’s approach. These conversations are a source of support and they may be ongoing, one-time only, or steering to another resource on campus.

Common topics discussed in these conversations include:

  • Stress and change
  • Making a decision for the future
  • Relationships and community
  • Topics related to identity, including but not limited to gender, sexuality, race, class, culture, ability, and religious tradition
  • Theological or spiritual questions, concerns, and ideas
  • Seeking meaning and purpose

What a spiritual conversation is not. This is not clinical treatment, nor is it an emergency response resource.


CFV staff and advisors who are ordained in their tradition can offer confidentiality. CFV staff and affiliates who are not ordained, while able to offer a high level of privacy, are obligated to report to relevant campus contacts if a crime, sexual misconduct, or the abuse of a minor is disclosed. If you would like more information about reporting obligations related to Campus Security Authorities, visit campus-security-authorities.

For information about reporting obligations related to sexual misconduct, visit sexual misconduct for employees.

For more information about how the University responds to reports of sexual misconduct, visit sexual misconduct/university response.

Those listed below with an asterisk* by their name are confidential resources.

Conversation Partners

Who would you like to have a spiritual conversation with? You will need to be logged in with your Butler Google account to access this form. Request a Conversation

Michael Aronson joined the Center for Faith and Vocation as Jewish Life Advisor in April 2023 during a Future Faculty Teaching Fellowship year at Butler University’s College of Communication. Michael holds a master’s degree in Jewish Studies from Hebrew College in Newton Center, Massachusetts, and is working towards his doctorate in Media Studies at Indiana University-Bloomington. Michael serves the Jewish community at Butler by channeling his passions for living in community, Jewish learning, adult education and pluralism towards helping the CFV create an inclusive and loving environment for all people at Butler. 

Imam Anisse Adni is here to listen and serve others in a safe, welcoming environment where everyone can freely share and express themselves without fear of judgment or reprisal. Imam Anisse is passionate about facilitating meaningful conversations and helping others wherever they are on their journey.

Fr. James Brockmeier has been a Catholic priest since 2016 and has served as a pastor, a vocations director, a high school chaplain, and now as the chaplain of the Butler Catholic Community. Fr. James also serves as the Rector of the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul downtown and the director of the Office of Worship for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. He loves being a part of and building up communities of faith, which he has an opportunity to be a part of here both with the Butler Catholic Community and the CFV community as a whole.


Cheyenne Johnson is the Director of Campus Ministry for the Butler Catholic Community. An Indianapolis native, Cheyenne is a Butler Alumni, having obtained a degree in Music and Elementary Education with minors in Chinese and Diverse Learners. Before returning to Butler, she worked in campus ministry at the Newman Center at IU in Bloomington, IN. Cheyenne is passionate about spreading the love of Christ through the Catholic faith, and helping students find and grow in their faith.

Kailene LewisKailene Lewis is on staff with Cru, a non-denominational student ministry, and has been a part of the Butler community for several years. She really values one-on-one conversations with students to get to know them as individuals and go deeper in processing all areas of life and faith. Kailene is passionate about coming alongside students as they journey toward spiritual growth and sharing the love of God.

Rev. Daniel Meyers is available to listen and reflect as an active listener without judgement. As a conversation partner, Daniel hopes to help students, faculty, and staff reflect and in some cases find next steps as they navigate the concerns, questions, challenges, and celebrations most relevant to them.

Pastor Mierow serves the congregation of St Peter’s Lutheran Church (LCMS) and is the Lutheran campus pastor for Butler, IUPUI, and UIndy. He has over 10 years of experience with campus outreach, Bible study, teaching, pastoral care, and counseling.

Marguerite Stanciu is Advisor to Butler Meditation, a secular, student led group comprised of students interested in cultivating wellness through Mindfulness practice in daily life. Marguerite is a practitioner in the Buddhist tradition and an authorized Mindfulness Meditation Instructor and Teacher who loves to help students to connect with their own strength and goodness through meditation and community.

The Reverend Samuel T. VaughtThe Reverend Samuel Vaught is an Episcopal priest and the Chaplain for Grace Unlimited, the Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministry at Butler. Father Sam welcomes conversations with students of any background about God, religious faith, life, and vocation, and is affirming of all LGBTQ+ members of our community. he/him

Nonie Vonnegut-Gabovitch is a Community Advisor for Butler Hillel students.  She has volunteered for many years to help Jewish students at Butler find ways to identify as Jews that are meaningful and fun for them. Nonie is a mother of four adult children, an excellent listener, and enjoys connecting with Butler students.

Fr. David Wey was ordained to the Orthodox priesthood in 2005 and has served as the full-time parish priest to Ss. Constantine and Elena Orthodox Church since September 2006. Fr. David serves as the Rector of Hagia Sophia Classical Academy and is the Religious Advisor for Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) at Butler.

Matt Williams is passionate about helping student-athletes learn how to become a Total Athlete by integrating their faith and sport. He believes in the expansive love of Jesus and loves creating community and making others feel included.