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Peace Pole

Peace and Conflict Studies

Join us in learning about the complex origins of violence and the practical skills of advancing human rights and social justice.

As a Peace and Conflict Studies major, you will actively engage with faculty and staff to analyze and construct a more peaceful future—a world that is economically viable, politically democratic, and environmentally sustainable for all.

Our graduates are succeeding in professions including policy analysis, government, non-governmental organizations, journalism, teaching, law, and business.

Active Internships

As interns, our students collaborate with experienced peace-builders in such organizations as the Exodus Refugee Center and Earth Charter Indiana. Others have interned with Better World Campaign and the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy and in diverse settings worldwide.

Connect with Us

Take part in campus and community activism with Butler’s new Social Justice Club. Show your commitment to a better world with our T-shirts, attend national conferences, and celebrate at our spring peace weeks and fall peace festivals.

Program Highlights

Julia Bartusek

Graduate Success

“My Peace and Conflict Studies major has taught me to see conflict as an opportunity for growth, discovery, and problem-solving rather than something to avoid. Through challenging courses ranging from international theory and studies to interpersonal and community mediation, I feel I am equipped to enter the workforce and to be a positive change maker in the world. This confidence not only stems from the factual lessons I have learned through my classes, but also from my professors intentionally fostering essential tools such as critical thinking, productive debate and discussion, and writing and research in every class. 

Because of this exceptional education, I feel prepared to graduate a year early from college to enter the workforce in public policy and government relations. This program has taught me how to channel my passion for social justice into my education and so I plan to pursue a dual Master of Public Policy and law degree following a few years of work to hopefully write and advise laws that will change people’s lives for the better one day. Peace and Conflict Studies has set me up for success and I am incredibly grateful for my professors who have simultaneously pushed and believed in me every step of the way.”

                                                 —Julia A. Bartusek ’19


Activism, community mediation, and International Conflict and Peacebuilding are just a few of real-world topics covered in PACS course topics at Butler. Follow your interests in our cross-disciplinary electives—from political science, gender studies, and anthropology to history, sociology, and communication. You can even complete your degree in three years.

Washington Learning Program and Study Abroad

Peace and Conflict Studies students have been able to witness and take part in global peace-building initiatives while studying in Washington, DC, and through Study Abroad in such countries as Ireland, Cameroon, and Guatemala.