PACS Curriculum

The Student Learning Objectives of the Peace and Conflict Studies program are:

  • To acquire a complex understanding of the nature and origins of violence, its dynamics and different manifestations and modes of expression.
  • To better understand why conflict occurs, when and how conflicts become violent, and constructive methods of approaching and processing distinct types of conflicts that occur along a continuum from interpersonal to global settings.
  • To critically evaluate and devise strategies for peace through reflection on ethical, religious, philosophical and cultural approaches to peace, the work of leading thinkers and activists in the field, and public policy.
  • To develop knowledge, analytical skills and practical training through:
    • Analysis of theories and theoretical models, case studies, language and value systems, and historical precedents and trends.
    • Service learning, practical training in conflict mediation skills, selected internships and study abroad experiences.

NOTE: Degree requirements for incoming students may not reflect the actual degree requirements of current students. 

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Current students should consult their own academic advisement report in to see their individual requirements and progress toward degree completion.