Washington, DC Learning Semester

Live, learn, and intern in the nation’s capital.

Join students from other universities in Washington, DC to take classes and engage in real-life internships with government offices and agencies.

Your interests experienced first-hand.

Students spend one semester living, learning, and interning in our nation’s capital. Butler students earn credits by taking classes on foreign policy and the history and public art of Washington while engaged in real-life internships. Internships have been at agencies such as Congress, the White House, Israeli Embassy, and the U.S. Attorney General’s Office, as well as with organizations such as the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Smithsonian Museums, Amnesty International, Merrill Lynch, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and C-SPAN.

Alumni Story

Dedicated to Change the Art of Healthcare

Butler University graduate Shandeep Singh ’18 figured out, like most Butler students, that at Butler he could combine his passions—healthcare and politics—to pursue a hands-on learning experience like the Washington, DC Learning Semester.

Shandeep Singh in Washington