Summer Tuition & Fees

Summer 2023

Tuition rate is per credit hour, based on the student’s college of enrollment. Costs apply to ALL summer courses (on campus, online and hybrid).

For a full breakdown on cost of attendance, click here.

The rates are as follows:

Undergraduate Non-degree$625/hr
Lacy School of Business (undergraduate)$625/hr
College of Education (excluding programs below)$580/hr
Alternative Special Education Certification$435/hr
Teachers of English Learner Licensure$435/hr
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences$625/hr
College of Communication (undergraduate)$625/hr
College of Communication (graduate)$850/hr
Jordan College of the Arts$625/hr
MPAcc 500-level courses$895/hr
MSRI (LSB)$950/hr
MIM (LSB)$850/hr
Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing$920/hr
Master’s in Strategic Communication$850/hr
Master of Science in Data Analytics$950/hr
Health Sciences (years 1–4)$625/hr
Pharmacy (years 1–2)$625/hr
Pharmacy (years 3–5)$780/hr
Doctor of Medical Science$725/hr
Doctor of Medical Science Bridge Program$875/hr
PA Graduate Program (Two-year program with 1st cohort beginning summer 2023)

Billed summer 2023 ($9,870), fall ($19,740), spring ($19,740)
Billed summer 2024 ($9,870), fall ($19,740), spring ($19,740)
PA Graduate Program (Two-year program with 1st cohort beginning summer 2022)

Billed summer 2022 ($9,580), fall ($19,160), spring ($19,160)
Billed summer 2023 ($9,580), fall ($19,160), spring ($19,160)
Pharm D (online pathway) (P1)
Billed fall 2022 ($16,135), spring 2023 ($16,135), summer 2023 ($13,830)
Pharm-D (6th year only) (P4)

Billed summer ($5,140), fall* ($23,140) spring* ($23,140)

Note: Rate is NOT based on number of hours enrolled.
*Each hour above 20 hours is $1,980/hour
Individual Music Instruction Fee$325/credit hour
Study Abroad Fee$295
MBA 505 Program/Tech Fee$150
MIM Technology Fee (one time fee)$400
MIM Professional Development Fee (applied during fall & spring only)$500/semester
MSRI Program Fee $415
Miscellaneous Fees