Summer Tuition & Fees

Summer 2023

Tuition rate is per credit hour, based on the student’s college of enrollment. Costs apply to ALL summer courses (on campus, online and hybrid).

The rates are as follows:

Undergraduate Non-degree$625/hr
Lacy School of Business (Undergraduate)$625/hr
College of Education$580/hr
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences$625/hr
College of Communication$625/hr
Jordan College of the Arts$625/hr
Master of Science School Counseling$700/hr
Master of Science Mental Health Counseling$700/hr
Alternative Special Education Certification$435/hr
Teachers of English Learner Licensure$435/hr
MPAcc 500-level courses$895/hr
MSRI (LSB)$950/hr
MIM (LSB)$850/hr
Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing$920/hr
Master’s in Strategic Communication
(Enrolled prior to spring 2022)
(Enrolled effective spring 2022)
Master of Science in Data Analytics
(All certificates and concentrations effective spring 2022)
Health Sciences (years 1–4)$625/hr
Pharmacy (years 1–2)$625/hr
Pharmacy (years 3–5)$780/hr
Doctor of Medical Science$700/hr
Doctor of Medical Science Bridge Program$850/hr
PA Graduate Program (Two-year program with 1st cohort beginning summer 2023)

Billed summer 2023 ($9,870), fall ($19,740), spring ($19,740)
Billed summer 2024 ($9,870), fall ($19,740), spring ($19,740)
PA Graduate Program (Two-year program with 1st cohort beginning summer 2022)

Billed summer 2022 ($9,580), fall ($19,160), spring ($19,160)
Billed summer 2023 ($9,580), fall ($19,160), spring ($19,160)
Pharm D (online pathway) (P1)
Billed fall 2022 ($16,135), spring 2023 ($16,135), summer 2023 ($13,830)
Pharm-D (6th year only) (P4)

Billed summer ($5,140), fall* ($23,140) spring* ($23,140)

Note: Rate is NOT based on number of hours enrolled.
*Each hour above 20 hours is $1,980/hour
Individual Music Instruction Fee$325/credit hour
Study Abroad Fee$250
MBA 505 Program/Tech Fee$150
MIM Technology Fee (one time fee)$400
MIM Professional Development Fee (applied during fall & spring only)$500/semester
MSRI Program Fee (cohort began summer 2020)$415
Miscellaneous Fees