Monthly Payment Plan

Butler University offers a Monthly Payment Plan for the FALL and SPRING semesters which allows students the opportunity to make monthly payments during each semester.

Note:  A payment plan is not available for the summer term.

Students must enroll online by logging into their my.butler .edu account during available enrollment dates.

Fall 2024 enrollment dates: 

4 payments:  May 9, 2024 – July 8, 2024 (A $25 participation fee per term applies.)

3 payment :  July 11, 2024 – August 12, 2024 (A $35 participation fee applies.)

2 payments : August 15, 2024 – September 9, 2024 (A $45 participation fee applies.)

Spring 2025 enrollment dates:

4 payments :  November 14, 2024 – December 9, 2024 (A $25 participation fee per term applies.)

3 payments :  December 12, 2024 – January 6, 2025 (A $35 participation fee applies.)

2 payments : January 9, 2024 – February 10, 2025 (A $45 participation fee applies.)

Note:  if ALL terms is selected during enrollment, student is automatically enrolled in the 4-month plan for all subsequent terms and a $25 participation fee applies for the fall & spring terms.  A payment plan is not available for the summer term.

The Terms & Conditions are included in the online enrollment steps. During the enrollment process, students must agree to the Terms & Conditions of the Monthly Payment Plan. After successful enrollment in the plan, a copy of the Terms & Conditions are also sent to the student’s Butler e-mail address. Review the Terms&Conditions 2024-2025.

  • Students previously enrolled in the payment plan who selected ALL TERMS, are automatically included in the four (4) month payment plan for ALL subsequent semesters provided they’re enrolled in classes prior to the publication of the first E-Bill for each term (2nd Wednesday in July for fall; 2nd Wednesday in December for spring).
  • Students previously enrolled in the payment plan who did NOT choose ALL TERMS but want to continue in the monthly payment plan during subsequent semesters must enroll (via account) in the plan when enrollment dates become available.
  • The Office of Student Accounts doesn’t remove payment plan participants with zero or credit balances from the plan.  If the payment plan is no longer needed, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the office, in writing, requesting removal from the plan.
  • Account balances of $100 or less will NOT be divided into monthly payments.

Payment Plan Removal Request

Students:  If you have enrolled in the Monthly Payment Plan option and prefer to pay the E-Bill in full, please complete the Butler Payment Plan Removal Request prior to the due date. Navigate to and sign in with your Butler email address and Butler password to complete Butler Payment Plan Removal Request.