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The Activity Fee is charged to all full time undergraduate students in the fall and spring semesters. The fee is charged per semester and funds student activities, organizations, and events throughout the semester.

The Health and Recreation Fee is charged to all full time undergraduate students in the fall and spring semesters and funds the Health and Recreation Center (HRC). It is not a membership fee but does allow students access to the center.

The one-time fee is charged to all incoming “new” and transfer students.  The fee funds activities, food, and student events during welcome week at the beginning of the semester.

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Phone:  317-940-8200


Please contact Residence Life.

Phone:  317-940-9458


Please contact Registration and Records.

Phone:  (317) 940-9203


Please contact Parking Services.

Phone:  317-940-9243


Please contact Health Services.

Phone:  317-940-4113


Please contact BU Libraries.

Phone:  317-940-9227


Enrolled students have a $1,500.00 credit limit each semester they can use to charge course materials, school supplies, technology, and health and beauty items both on the Butler Campus Store website,, and in-person in the store. Students may not charge apparel, gifts, graduation regalia, and general reading books to their student account. Please contact the bookstore at or 317-940-9228 for any other questions regarding charging restrictions. Students will need their 9-digit student account number to charge on the bookstore website. Students must present their student ID card (either physical or on the Butler App) to charge to their student account in the store. Bookstore charges are posted to your student account statement each month, for charges occurring in the previous calendar month. Students are responsible for paying Butler University Student Accounts office for any charges to their student account originating in the Butler Campus Store. Please contact the Student Account office for questions about payment cadence or requirements.