Credit hourscost
Full time (12-20 hours)$22,495/semester
Part time (1-11 hours)$1,860/hr
Each hour above 20 hours$1,860/hr
Undergraduate Tuition—CCOM, COE, JCA, LAS, LSB
Credit hourscost
Full time (12-20 hours)
Pharmacy year 1 (Pre-Pharmacy)
Pharmacy year 2 (Pre-Pharmacy)$22,495/semester
Pharmacy year 3 (P1)$23,810/semester
Pharmacy year 4 (P2)$23,810/semester
Pharmacy year 5 (P3)$23,810/semester
Pharm D (6th year only) (P4)
Billed summer ($5,140), fall* ($23,140), spring* ($23,140)

Note:  Rate is NOT based on number of hours enrolled.
*each hour above 20 hours is $1,980/hour
Health Sciences—Full time (12-20 hours)$22,495/semester
Health Science —Part time (1 – 11 hours)$1,860/hr
Health Sciences (each hour above 20 hours)$1,860/hr
Pre-Pharmacy (1–11 hours)$1,860/hr
Pre-Pharmacy (each hour above 20 hours)$1,860/hr
Pharmacy—P1 – P3 (1 – 11 hours)$1,980/hr
Pharmacy—P1 – P3 (each hour above 20 hours)$1,980/hr
Undergraduate Tuition—Pharmacy/Health Sciences
Tuition rate is based on college of enrollment and program.
College of Education (excluding programs below)$580/hr
Master of Science Mental Health Counseling (online)$700/hr
Master of Science School Counseling (online)$700/hr
Alternative Special Education Certification$435/hr
Teachers of English Learner Licensure$435/hr
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences$647/hr
Jordan College of the Arts$647/hr
Master of Science in Strategic Communication and Graduate Certificates $850/hr
Pharm D (online pathway (P1)
Billed fall 2023 ($16,670), spring 2024 ($16,670), summer 2024 ($14,280)
Doctor of Medical Science Program & Graduate Certificates (COPHS)$725/hr
Doctor of Medical Science Bridge Program$875/hr
PA Graduate Program (Two-year program with 1st cohort beginning summer 2023)
Billed summer 2023 ($9,870), fall ($19,740), spring ($19,740)
Billed summer 2024 ($9,870), fall ($19,740), spring ($19,740)
PA Graduate Program (Two-year program with 1st cohort beginning summer 2022)
Billed summer 2022 ($9,580), fall ($19,160), spring ($19,160)
Billed summer 2023 ($9,580), fall ($19,160), spring ($19,160)
MBA (LSB)$950/hr
Online MBA (effective spring 2022)$950/hr
MFA Creative Writing (LAS)$920/hr
MPAcc 400/500-level courses (LSB)$895/hr
MSRI (LSB)$950/hr
MiM (LSB)$850/hr
Master of Science in Data Analytics
(All certificates & concentrations)
Graduate Tuition
Activity Fee (full-time, undergraduate)$188/semester
Health and Recreation Complex Fee (full-time, undergraduate)$307/semester
Individual Music Instruction Fee*

*any course within the Jordan College of the Arts with secondary, principal, or major in the course name, advanced conducting, composition and ALL A.M. pedagogy classes are assessed the Individual Music Instruction Fee

$325/credit hr
Orientation Fee (First Year & Transfer-Fall)$165
(one-time fee)
Orientation Fee (First Year & Transfer-Spring)$100
(one-time fee)
Residence Hall Program Fee$50/year
COPHS Technology Fee (P1–P4) Online & On-campus$200/semester
JCA PT Dance Fee$150/semester
Study Abroad Fee$495/semester
Study Abroad Fee (for each program less than full semester)$295
MSRI Program/Tech Fee$415/semester
MBA 505 Program/Tech Fee$150
MIM Technology Fee (one-time fee during summer)$400
MIM Professional Development Fee$500/semester
Student Health Insurance*

*this fee may be waived upon enrollment by providing evidence of comparable health insurance coverage by the established deadlines. Students are required to annually participate in an online insurance waiver process to either provide proof of insurance or enroll in the Butler-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan. Click here for further details.
Miscellaneous Fees
Double Room$3,970/semester
Housing & Dining Plan Rates
Irvington House (Academic Year Contract)
Double Room$3,710/semester
Single Room$5,335/semester
Residential College (ResCo) (Academic Year Contract)
Double Room$4,475/semester
Single Room$4,975/semester
Loft Double$4,755/semester
Fairview House (Academic Year Contract)
Single Room$5,800/semester
Apartment Village (Academic Year Contract)
Double Room$4,580/semester
Single Room$5,325/semester
Butler Terrace (Academic Year Contract)
Building A&B—Double$4,580/semester
Building A&B—Single$5,325/semester
Building C—Double$4,315/semester
Building C—Single$5,040/semester
South Campus Apartments (Academic Year Contract)
300 Block + $400 Flex Dollars$3,965/semester
250 Block + $500 Flex Dollars$3,855/semester
220 Block + $600 Flex Dollars$3,735/semester
Resident Dining Plans
(Required for Irvington House, Fairview House, Residential College)
117 Block + $300 Flex Dollars$1,865/semester
87 Block + $400 Flex Dollars$1,600/semester
 57 Block + $500 Flex Dollars$1,330/semester
Community Dining Plan (Voluntary)