Doctor of Pharmacy

Pharmacists for healthier lives.

From consulting patients to assisting with pharmaceutical research and clinical trials, pharmacists work to ensure health and wellness in their communities.

Pharmacy lab

Where you put theories into practice.

Experiential rotations are opportunities for students to learn by doing. This crucial part of the pharmacy training program places students in working environments where they put classroom theories into practice.

During the final year of the professional phase, students participate in 10 one-month rotations at community pharmacies, hospitals, ambulatory clinic practices, and other nontraditional pharmacy experiences, including clinical and basic research in the laboratory. There are numerous choices for the type and locations of rotations at excellent sites throughout Indiana with options across the nation and abroad.

Butler’s First Time Aggregate Pass Rate (2018-2020)
All Indiana First Time Aggregate Pass Rate (2018-2020)
National First Time Aggregate Pass Rate (2018-2020)

Learn from Experienced Professors

Many pharmacy  faculty continue to practice and conduct research in their fields, guaranteeing that their teaching—and your learning—always reflects the most up-to-date industry practices and technology.

Butler offers a variety of post-graduate residency and fellowship programs for those seeking advanced training and education.