Clinical Research

Infectious Diseases (ID), ID Clinical-based Research, and Antimicrobial Stewardship

Jarrett Amsden
Headshot of Jarrett Amsden
Associate Professor – Pharmacy Practice

Leadership and Mentoring

Opioid Education and Awareness, Experiential Education, Interprofessional Education, and Global Health

Trish Devine
Headshot of Trish Devine
Professor and Director Interprofessional Education

Nutrition and Metabolic Support

Jane Gervasio
Headshot of Jane Gervasio
Professor – Pharmacy Practice

Patient Safety, Substandard/Falsified/Counterfeit Medications, and International Pharmacy Practice

John Hertig
Headshot of John Hertig
Associate Professor/Department Chair Pharmacy Practice

Drug Information

Joseph Jordan
Headshot of Joseph Jordan
Professor – Pharmacy Practice

Chronic Disease States, such as Hypertension, Heart Failure, Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease

Julia Koehler
Headshot of Julia Koehler
Professor – Associate Dean for Clinical Education and External Affiliations

Drug Information, Evidence Based Practice, Alternative Medicine, Complementary and Integrative Health

Annette McFarland
Headshot of Annette McFarland
Interim Director of Experiential Education and Preceptor Development

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Primary Care. Areas of interest include: Pain Management, Mood Disorders, Men’s Health, Geriatrics, Diabetes Management

Darin Ramsey
Headshot of Darin Ramsey
Assistant Pharmacy Program Director

Oncology, Hematology, Supportive Care, Immunosuppression, and Hazardous Drugs

David Reeves
Headshot of David Reeves

Health Equity, Role of Pharmacists in Diabetes Care, and Cardiovascular Risk Reduction

Andrew Schmelz
Headshot of Andrew Schmelz
Assistant Professor – Pharmacy Practice

Diabetes, Diabetes Education, Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Endocrinology, and Cardiovascular Risk Reduction

Jessica Triboletti
Headshot of Jessica Triboletti
Associate Professor – Pharmacy Practice

Women’s Health, Pharmacy Legislation and Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacy Practice Advancement, Pharmacist Prescriptive Authority, LGBTQ+ Care, Public Health and Health Equity

Veronica Vernon
Headshot of Veronica Vernon
Assistant Professor – Pharmacy Practice

Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Service Development, Experiential Student Learning Activities, Patient Care Quality Improvement, Value Based Care Initiatives

Jessica Wilhoite
Headshot of Jessica Wilhoite