Alternative Special Education–Mild Intervention Certificate

Make a difference .

Through our online, 18-credit hour program, you’ll have the training to become fully licensed to teach special education and positively impact the lives of students.

young kids pointing in class

Prepare to change lives.

In 2022, an alarming 48 states reported special education teacher shortages to the federal government. Through Butler University’s fast-track, online Alternative Special Education–Mild Intervention Certificate program, you can be part of the solution.

Our graduate certificate program prepares you for the challenges of special education in today’s diverse, dynamic classrooms. Courses are centered on research-based teaching methods and integrated with a significant amount of guided clinical experiences (i.e., field experiences), which allows you to practice applying concepts from your courses in authentic school and community settings.

The Butler Alternative Special Education-Mild Intervention Certificate program is aligned with the 2020 Council for Exceptional Children’s Initial K-12 Practice-Based Professional Preparation Standards for Special Educators.

Program Highlights

The Alternative Special Education–Mild Intervention Certificate program is an online, 18-credit hour program, with one in-person Saturday requirement each semester. Graduates of the program will be prepared for licensure in K-12 Special Education-Mild Intervention.


Alumnus Brandon Brooks

Thousands of young people are waiting for special education teachers, and alumnus Brandon Brooks wants to see plenty of men answering the call by applying to Butler University’s 18-month Alternative Special Education—Mild Intervention Certificate program.

“I promote the idea all the time. Men being in special education is huge,” said Brandon, who taught special education in the MSD of Lawrence Township (Indiana).

Brandon Brooks