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Student Accounts

Tuition & Fees

Fall 2016 / Spring 2017

Tuition charges are based on the number of credit hours and the college of enrollment. The rates are as follows:

Undergraduate Tuition—CCOM, COB, COE, JCA , LAS & COPHS (Health Science)

Credit Hours Cost
Full time (12-20 hours) $18,700/semester
Part time (1-11 hours) $1,558/hr

Each hour above 20 hours


Undergraduate Tuition—Pharmacy & Health Sciences (Physician Assistant)

Credit Hours Cost
Full time (12-20 hours)
Pharmacy year 1 (pre-Pharmacy) $18,700/semester
Pharmacy year 2 (pre-Pharmacy) $18,700/semester
Pharmacy year 3 (P1) $20,015/semester
Pharmacy year 4 (P2) $20,015/semester
Pharmacy year 5 (P3) $20,015/semester

Pharm D (6th year only) (P4)
 billed 10% Summer ($4,384), 45% fall* ($19,723), 45% spring* ($19,723)  

Note:  Rate is NOT based on number of hours enrolled.
*Each hour above 20 hours is $1,668/hour

Health Sciences  (Physician Assistant - PA2) $20,015/semester
Each hour above 20 hours $1,668/hr
1-11 hours $1,668/hr

Graduate Tuition

Tuition rate is based on college of enrollment:

College Cost
College of Business $540/hr
College of Education $540/hr
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences $540/hr
Jordan College of the Arts $540/hr
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences $700/hr
PA Masters (PA3) Clinical Phase - started program prior to Summer 2015 $580/hr

Masters PA Program (MPAS) - applies to students beginning program Summer 2015

*billed 10% Summer ($4,150),  45% Fall (18,675),  45% Spring (18,675)


MBA $790/hr
MFA Creative Writing $790/hr
MP Acc 400/500-level courses $790/hr

Miscellaneous Fees

Fee Cost
Activity Fee (full-time, undergraduate) $173/semester
Health and Recreation Complex Fee (full-time, undergraduate) $307/semester

Individual Music Instruction Fee*

*any course within the Jordan College of the Arts with secondary, principle or major in the course name, advanced conducting, composition and ALL A.M. pedagogy classes are assessed this fee

$295/credit hr

Welcome Week Fee (undergraduate)


(one time fee)

New Student Registration Fee (undergraduate)


(one time fee)

Residence Life Program Fee $45/year
COPHS Technology Fee (P1-P4) $175/semester
Student Health Insurance** TBA

 **this fee may be waived by providing evidence of comparable health insurance coverage by the established deadlines.  Students are required to annually participate in an online insurance wavier process to either provide proof of insurance or enroll in the Butler-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan. Click here for further details.

Room & Board Rates

Ross Hall (9-month contract)

Room Cost
Triple/Quad Room              $2,455/semester
Double Room $2,775/semester
Single Room $4,130/semester

Residential College (ResCo)

(9 month contract)

Room Cost
Double Room                      $3,100/semester
Single Room $4,460/semester

Fairview House (9 month contract)

Room Cost
Double $3,600/semester
Single $4,005/semester
Loft Double $3,825/semester

University Terrace & Butler Terrace (10 month contract)

Room Cost
Double Room $4,005/semester
Single Room $4,655/semester

Studio Apartment - Shared

Studio Apartment - Single



Apartment Village (10-month contract)

Room Cost
Single Room                        $4,905/semester

Board Rates

Meal Plan Cost
All Access Plan Plus (required for Ross, ResCo & Fairview) Cost includes $400 Flex Dollars per semester $3,315/semester
Voluntary Meal Plans Cost
40 Block Meal Plan plus $330 Flex/semester $650/semester
65 Block Meal Plan plus $475 Flex/semester $990/semester