Mutifaith Communities. Interfaith Engagement. Meaning and Purpose. Spiritual Life.

The Compass Center
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The Compass Center, located in the Blue House (across from the Schrott Center on Sunset Avenue), is dedicated to supporting students, faculty, and staff in living a life of purpose, meaning, and contribution. We are here to support a variety of faith, spiritual, and secular student communities, to promote interfaith engagement and learning across difference, to foster exploration of meaning and purpose, and to encourage spiritual life through practices of mindfulness, self-care, and reflection.  

Are you a person of faith? A dedicated questioner? Someone who is excited to explore your passions and values? Or just trying to find the meaning of life? The Compass Center is here to support you on your journey!

A Welcoming & Inclusive Campus

Butler strives to create a welcoming and inclusive campus for all religious identities, and this includes ensuring we have religious accommodations in place and meaningful opportunities for students to build community around shared faith or philosophical identities.

Spiritual, physical, and emotional balance are essential to our overall well-being and help us to build resilience and confidence.