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Center for Faith and Vocation group photo

Center for Faith and Vocation

The Center for Faith and Vocation (CFV), located in the Blue House, is dedicated to supporting students, faculty, and staff in living a life of purpose, meaning, and contribution. We are here to support the religious, spiritual, and secular communities on campus. We promote interfaith engagement and encourage a religiously plural campus where learning across difference enhances our community. The CFV also facilitates vocational reflection in many settings, working to help students, faculty, and staff assess their values, make self-authored decisions, and find support through mentoring and other networks. We are also a wellness resource, providing opportunities for meditation, pastoral care, and spaces to gather when the community faces challenges.   

Whether you are a person of faith, a dedicated questioner, someone who is hoping to use the college experience as an exploration of your own passions, or a combination of all three and more, you are welcome at the CFV.

The Center’s Services

Vocational Reflection

Through vocational reflection, the CFV provides opportunities to build three different skills: assessing your values, reflecting on and making hard choices, and finding mentors as resources of support. We believe students who gain these three skillsets are setting themselves up for life of purpose, meaning, and contribution.

CFV Communities at Butler

The many different student-led CFV Communities are on campus to enrich and build community around shared faith or philosophical identities. Explore the unique goals of our different groups and find student and advisor contacts.

Interfaith Engagement

Butler University is dedicated to creating a campus community that is welcoming to all, which includes a religiously diverse and inclusive campus. The CFV provides opportunities to learn about and build empathy towards people from traditions and perspectives different from your own. Students involved in interfaith engagement often feel more strongly committed to their own traditions, further aware of the complexity of our diverse world, and inspired to continue to build hospitality for others in our community.

Wellness and the CFV

The CFV is a champion for the “Meaning and Purpose” dimension of BU Be Well, Butler’s wellness model. The CFV provides many ways for students to explore their meaning and purpose, and we also promote wellness through particular practices, including meditation, open dialogues, and more.

Campus Sunrise

Spiritual Care Conversations

Butler students, faculty, and staff are busy. In the midst of all the many priorities of academics, campus life, and working towards one’s future, sometimes we need to pause, breathe, and get support. The Center for Faith and Vocation staff as well as our CFV Community Advisors are available for conversations, making connections, and offering care.

Paid Internships

The Center for Faith and Vocation offers paid internships in faith-based and social justice nonprofit organizations in the greater Indianapolis area. These are opportunities to discover work that is meaningful to you both personally and professionally. Our internships include vocational conversations with student peers.

A New View Seminar Series group recap session

Discovering a Life: Stories from the CFV

Read the Center for Faith and Vocation blog–student journeys of self-discovery through Internships and reflection.

And for event information and news, be sure to follow us on the Butler University Center for Faith and Vocation Facebook page.

For more stories, listen to the Faith and Vocation podcast.


Our Mission

In close cooperation with faculty, staff, and members of the Butler community, the Center provides transformative experiences for students.  Through spiritual exploration, personal reflection, and vocational discernment, we prepare students for a lifelong pursuit of personal and professional impact on the world. 

Our Vision

The Center for Faith and Vocation invites all Butler community members, inclusive of all faiths, doubts, and philosophies, to discover lives of purpose, meaning, and contribution.