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Center for Faith and Vocation

Center for Faith and Vocation

The Center for Faith and Vocation (CFV), located in the Blue House, seeks to provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to reflect on their own passions and how to connect the life they lead to a sense of purpose and meaning. We create opportunities to reflect and discern the kind of contribution you hope to make with your life’s work.

In addition to vocational exploration, the CFV is the center of community for religious life on campus. We are committed to supporting the full landscape of multi-faith, spiritual, and questioning communities at Butler. 

Whether you are a person of faith, a devout questioner, or someone who is hoping to use the college experience as an exploration of your own passions, you are welcome at the CFV.  Come visit us and begin your journey to discovering a life of purpose, meaning, and contribution.

Students at the CFV

The Center’s Services

Paid Internships

The Center for Faith and Vocation offers internships in faith-based and social justice nonprofit organizations in the greater Indianapolis area. These are opportunities to discover work that is meaningful to you both personally and professionally. Our internships include vocational conversations with student peers. Learn more.

You at the CFV

Become a representative as a Center for Faith and Vocation Scholar during Welcome Week, new student events, or at block party, or just come to the Blue House to take part in yoga and meditation sessions. There is a place for you at the CFV. Learn more.

CFV Communities at Butler

For CFV Communities meeting times and activities, please visit Just search "faith" under Event Type. Also, learn more about religious communities in the Indianapolis area.

Learning from Cultures

Discovering a Life: Stories from the CFV

Read the Center for Faith and Vocation blog–student journeys of self-discovery through Internships and reflection.

And for event information and news, be sure to follow us on the Butler University Center for Faith and Vocation Facebook page.

The Center for Faith and Vocation and all of Butler University is committed to religious pluralism and extending hospitality to all people, regardless of faith or philosophical tradition. At the core of the CFV is the belief that communities are better for welcoming and encouraging diverse and varied beliefs, traditions, and practices. If you would like to learn more about the diversity of faith communities, please come see us at the Blue House and we can help you connect with the many wonderful faith traditions we have on campus and in Indianapolis.