Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Learn a language and take on the world.

Modern Languages graduates work as scientists, marketing analysts, accountants, and more. And many have become dentists, doctors, lawyers, and professors after graduate schools from across the world.

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Bilingual is a key to success. Job recruiters agree.

We offer Chinese, French, German, and Spanish majors and minors at Butler, as well as a Multilingual major. We will help you broaden your global perspectives by traveling abroad for immersive language and cultural studies, as well as by engaging with active polylingual and multicultural communities here in Indianapolis. You’ll find our faculty highly accessible and supportive. They will guide you in becoming a critical reader of other languages’ important literature and a scholar of their social and linguistic contexts.

Graduate Profile

“I wanted to be fluent. That was my goal. And, as a Vocal Performance double major, to get involved or help start a school program in Germany where we could do music as a way of teaching English.” —Julie O’Mara ’15

Julie O'Mara