Multilingual Major

Sixty-six percent of job recruiters in the U.S. (and 90 percent elsewhere) say that multilingualism is crucial.

The Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures offers a Multilingual undergraduate degree in which you’ll study three or more languages, as well as the countries and cultures in which those languages are spoken.

Our department faculty teach Chinese, French, German, and Spanish, and will help you develop your language skills, guiding you through scholarly investigations in topics relevant to our shared disciplines, including: linguistics, literatures, cinema, contemporary culture, and peoples from around the world.

Small classes are led by internationally-recognized and published faculty members hailing from such countries as Austria, Argentina, Belgium, China, Colombia, El Salvador, France, Italy, Senegal, Spain, and the United States.

And you can easily weave multiple study abroad trips into your program—from faculty-led summer intensives to semester-long exchange programs.

Join us and take advantage of:

  • A unique focus on three or more languages under one major (most college language majors top out at two)
  • Opportunities for you to serve in the community—utilizing all languages—in settings that include schools, medical clinics, legal non-profits, and governmental entities
  • Membership in the Consortium of Indianapolis-area colleges, allowing you to study even more languages
  • Internships in the United States and abroad, scholarships, and opportunities to present research both on- and off-campus
  • Access to a rich international community on campus, as well as outside speakers and performers
  • Use of our student Modern Language Center and its wealth of movies, technology, free tutoring, and lounge areas

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Financial Support

Please read through these lists of numerous Prestigious Scholarship Opportunities (scroll down to “language study”), as well as study abroad scholarships (CIEE and IFSA-Butler) and travel grants.

Check out the annual Liberal Arts and Sciences $1,000 essay contest (typically due by January), the annual Gerstein Holocaust Travel Fund (typically due by January), the annual John Weidner Endowed Scholarship for Altruism (typically due by March), and the annual Corrine Welling Scholarship (typically due by April).

For international students, here’s some advice and information on Scholarships and Grants set aside specifically for you.

If you encounter a short-term, unforeseen financial hardship or immediate expense that’s impacting your academic success, please read about the Butler Emergency Assistance Fund.