Prestigious Fellowships & Scholarships

Butler University is proud to have been acknowledged by the Fulbright program as a Top Producing Institution. The Fulbright grant is one of the oldest and most prestigious national awards in the country. Alumni of the Fulbright program have achieved distinction in government, science, the arts, business, philanthropy, and athletics. Typically awarded to graduating seniors, the grant funds individuals to teach English or to conduct research abroad. The Fulbright grant also funds international post-graduate study at some universities. The grant period usually lasts for one year and is open to all majors and fields of study. Fulbright currently operates in 140 countries. For more information, visit HTTPS://US.FULBRIGHTONLINE.ORG.

If you are student who is planning to apply for a Fulbright grant, please note that you must submit your application by September 19, 2022. Following your submission, the Office of Prestigious Fellowships and Scholarships will schedule an interview with you and several faculty and staff members.

Since 2011, 18 Butler seniors and alumni have received Fulbright grants that allowed them travel to such places as Bolivia/Peru, Ireland, Israel, Northern Ireland, and Spain to conduct research/study topics they are passionate about with global experts or to serve as English Teaching Assistants. In addition, 12 Butler students have been named Goldwater Scholars and 3 have received Honorable Mentions for their scientific research accomplishments; since 2016, 10 Butler first-year and sophomore students have been selected to participate in Fulbright UK Summer Institutes; and even more Bulldogs have been national finalists or recipients of other prestigious scholarships—accomplishments that bolster graduate school applications and résumés.

If you have any questions regarding fellowships or scholarships, please contact Professor Chris Stobart, Director of Prestigious Fellowships and Scholarships.

Note: Our office provides support for external scholarships, fellowships, and grants. For information related to awards covering the cost of Butler tuition and fees, please contact your financial aid advisor.

2019 Update

We are pleased to announce Butler University had 2 Fulbright Study/Research Recipients, 2 Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) recipients, 2 Fulbright ETA Alternates, 4 Fulbright ETA Semi-finalists,  3 Fulbright UK Summer Institute recipients, and 2 Teaching Assistant Program in France recipients!

Below is a compilation of nationally and internationally competitive fellowships and scholarships. Please note that this information is for everyone, even Butler alumni. Since some of these require University nomination or endorsement, be sure to inquire early.

*Requires University nomination