Honors Program

You have to be “brainy” to take honors, right?

That’s partly right, but not the whole story. You also need an interest in thinking for yourself. In hands-on learning, research, and creative activities. In joining other students and faculty in discussions, projects, field trips, and cultural experiences. And, in earning a diploma with magna or summa cum laude honors.

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Our Mission

The University Honors Program strives to engage students in interdisciplinary academics to develop their innate sense of curiosity and empower them to expand their intellectual endeavors beyond the classroom by engaging in discussion, conversation, and research.

The Honors Program provides unique learning opportunities, contributes to a culture of undergraduate research and intellectual inquiry, and fosters a sense of scholarly community that helps create lifetime learners. Both future and current students may apply.

Featured Story

What is it Like to be an Honors Student at Butler?

“When I was first applying for college, I noticed a section in the Common App that asked if I wanted to participate in the Butler University Honors Program. Intrigued, I looked up more information and learned that the Honors Program at Butler allows you to graduate with University Honors, as well as finish college with a published thesis”


— Cassandra Stec ’23

Cassandra Stec, Butler student