Language Internships

Pre-professional experiences—both in the U.S. and abroad—are vital for résumés and applications. From a liberal arts perspective, experiential education offers time for self assessment and reflection.

Local internships have included the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, the Christian Neighborhood Legal Clinic, Salesforce, and Indianapolis Public Schools.

For advice on the application process, please read Career and Professional Success’ Guide to Professional Success, engage with Butler’s Career Communities, and practice your interview skills with InterviewStream.

Steps to Pursue a Language Internship

  1. Find an internship. Helpful resources:,, and
  2. Consult with a full-time MLLC faculty member on the internship and how many credits it might be worth; ask them to be your instructor (typically, per credit hour, a student spends a combined 42 hours on site and doing reflection work)
  3. Apply for the internship
  4. While awaiting a decision on your application, draft a syllabus (with your instructor), attaching a completed LAS academic internship contract
  5. Submit the syllabus, contract, and a blue registration card (from our administrative specialist) to the MLLC department chair for their approval and signature
  6. If accepted into the internship, complete the University student internship agreement form (with signatures from both your instructor and on-site supervisor) and turn it into our administrative specialist
  7. Then, obtain any remaining needed signatures on your blue registration card and take it to the registrar’s office (Jordan Hall 180); note: it may take up to two weeks for the internship course to appear in my.butler and Canvas.

If the deadline to add a course for credit passes, it might still be possible to enroll in the Internship course during the same semester. In addition to signatures from the MLLC department chair and your primary advisor, please also acquire a retro-dated signature from the dean’s office of your primary major.

Special Note for Business Majors

You can request that your three-credit Modern Languages Internship (overseen by a language instructor) count as one of the two required internships for all Lacy School of Business (LSB) majors. To make the request, please visit the LSB dean’s office.

More Info from Butler’s Office of Career and Professional Success

Please visit and click “Internship and Job Search Resources” in the main body for the following:

  • internship databases
  • a professional guide to success
  • job data
  • a calendar of networking events

More Info from Ascend Indiana

Butler has partnered with Ascend to help you find internships and jobs:

  1. visit and introduce yourself
  2. receive an invite for a 1:1 meeting with Ascend when the right opportunities are available
  3. choose a time to discuss your career interests and passions with Ascend
  4. explore their network and connect with top Indiana employers

Indy Summer Experience

The Indy Summer Experience (ISE) program—coordinated by Butler’s Office of Career and Professional Success—offers you the chance to work and play in Indianapolis. You secure and complete an internship (or similar professional experience) with a local organization during the day and, in the evenings, participate in social and cultural events. This is a great opportunity to make Indy connections with employers, have fun around town, and spend the summer getting to know other Butler students.

For more information, please visit the Indy Summer Experience homepage.

Course Codes

CN 401, FR 401, GR 401, SP4011 credit hour
CN 402, FR 402, GR 402, SP4022 credit hours
CN 403, FR 403, GR 403, SP4033 credit hours