Indy Summer Experience

Are you completing an in-person or virtual internship in Indianapolis this summer? Are you looking for ways to explore the city?

Apply for and participate in Indy Summer Experience!


Coordinated by Career and Professional Success, the Indy Summer Experience (ISE) is a program for students that gives you the chance to work and play in the great city of Indianapolis:

  1. Secure and complete an internship (or similar professional experience) with a local organization during the day
  2. Take part in social and cultural events in the evenings

ISE affords you the opportunity to make connections with employers, have fun around town, and spend the summer with your friends.

Student Response

When asked about the biggest takeaways from 2019’s first event, one participant said:

NETWORKING!! Also, stay in Indy! I liked talking to Katja because she was telling me about all of the incredible places she gets to travel for her job (LA, San Fran, etc). It made me reconsider my plans to move out-of-state after graduation (and I genuinely mean that).

Graduate Response

I’ve been able to reconnect with so many people…Thanks again for all your work with ISE—it definitely proved to be one of the most professionally impactful experiences I had at Butler.

Indy Summer Experience 2022 includes Financial Sponsorship from Elements Financial.

What can you expect to learn? What are the benefits of Indy Summer Experience? Below are the program’s learning outcomes:

  • Participant will gain experience in their field of interest by performing an internship or similar professional experience in the Indianapolis area.
  • Participant will gain a greater understanding of the cultural, diverse, and social offerings of the Indianapolis area.
  • Participant will meet Butler University alumni and local professionals by attending structured events.

Past events have included a tour of the Dallara IndyCar Factory, team-building at The Escape Room, dinner at Napolese, an outing to an Indianapolis Indians baseball game, a cooking class at Chef JJ’s Back Yard, a tour of Roche Diagnostics, and a downtown dinner at The Rathskellar. Sounds infinitely better than sitting on the couch all summer, right?

  • ActiveIndy Downtown walking tour + networking dinner at Salesforce
  • The Children’s Museum collections tour + Clustertruck dinner at Lessonly
  • Outreach Inc. tour + dinner at Jockamo Pizza
  • A visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway + dinner at Big Woods Speedway
  • A tour of Launch Fishers + team-building at The Escape Room Fishers + ice cream from Handel’s
  • Service Projects with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and Shepherd Community Center
  • Dinner at Trader’s Point Creamery
  • Visits to Conner Prairie, the Indianapolis Zoo, and Garfield Park & Conservatory

Attendance at the Indy Summer Experience events is required for all participants. These events, which include meals, take place on various Wednesday evenings and are completely free to students.

The 2022 Indy Summer Experience is open to all Butler University students and majors that are not graduating in May. It is a competitive program and will be limited to 20 participants. You are encouraged to submit your application materials early, even before you secure your internship or professional experience.

Participants in the 2022 Indy Summer Experience must complete the following requirements:

Secure and provide proof of an internship or similar professional experience.* Complete a 20 hour per week minimum with any combination of the following professional experiences: paid or unpaid internship, student teaching position, Pharmacy or PA rotation, faculty-guided research project, or set volunteer schedule.

  • Attend each of the seven events on select Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.**
  • Provide own transportation to and from events and service projects.

Schedule and complete one virtual professional development appointment with a Career and Professional Success Advisor that may include a personal assessment, cover letter or resume critique, practice interview, or other career advising topic.

Give a brief presentation highlighting the summer internship and program experience at the final event.

  • Participant will receive a Professional Experience Confirmation form that will be due prior to the start of the program.
  • If needed and with advance notice, participant is allowed to miss one event without consequences.
  • Living in on-campus housing is not a requirement for Indy Summer Experience participants. Participants in need of on-campus housing are encouraged to contact Residence Life for availability, options, and rates.

1. Complete the Formstack Application

2. Employer, Faculty, or Staff Recommendation Form

  • A past or present employer or a Butler University faculty or staff member must complete online form directly

3. Workview

  • Write a 250-word reflection about your philosophy of work. Your workview should address what work is and what it means to you. You may consider answering questions such as:
    • What’s work for?
    • What does work mean?
    • How does work relate to the individual, others, and society?
    • What defines good or worthwhile work?
    • What motivates you to work?
    • Where does money, meaning, and self-expression come into play?
    • What do experience, growth, and fulfillment have to do with it?

4. Personal Statement & Resume

  • Write a Personal Statement that explains why you are interested in participating in the 2022 Indy Summer Experience in 250 to 500 words
  • Create or revise your resume

5. Complete your ISE application

  • Email your workview, personal statement, and resume to Andy Cassler at with the subject line: ISE Application

Schedule an appointment with ISE Coordinator and Career Advisor Andy Cassler through Butler’s online employment portal, Handshake.

Application Deadline

Friday, April 15 by 5:00 PM

Applicant Notifications

By Wednesday, April 20


Tuesday, April 26 (Reading Day) at noon.

Professional Experience Confirmation Deadline

June 1, 2022

2022 Indy Summer Experience Program

Wednesday, June 1–Wednesday July 27


Put a plan into action.

Apply the skills and knowledge you have gained to actively pursue opportunities that align with your goals. Continue to reflect upon your progress and refine your plan as needed.

In addition to utilizing the resources above, please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time:

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