Independent Study in Language

Download our Independent Study procedures sheet. (PDF)

Steps to Pursue an Independent Study

You must complete all of the following:

  1. reach out to and convince any full-time MLLC faculty member (i.e., Instructor; Assistant, Associate, or full Professor) to be your Instructor
  2. write in full—yourself, with guidance from the Instructor, in English—a complete syllabus that includes all of the following:
    1. the topic of study
    2. a detailed description of the plan of study
    3. justification why you cannot complete these studies in a regular course
    4. full timeline for completion of work
    5. how the Independent Study will be evaluated
    6. bibliography of materials
    7. reasoning why this Independent Study is important to you
  3. present the proposed syllabus to the MLLC department chair, requesting their approval
  4. if approval is granted, ask our administrative specialist for a blue registration card—which is then completed by you (checking the box next to “Enroll student in a non-published class” and acquiring all needed signatures)—and turn it in to the registrar’s office (JH 180)

Special Notes

  1. Independent Studies count as 300-level credit. Chinese and German students, as well as MLLC/Elementary Education double majors, can request in their proposal that the Independent Study be counted at the 400 level. The student must provide justification and have the recommendation of their Instructor. (Elementary Education majors spend a full year student-teaching, making it difficult for them to complete the 400-level courses offered.)
  2. Students can still enroll in an Independent Study after the “Last Day to Add” deadline. In this case, the academic advisor, the MLLC department chair, and the dean’s office of the student’s primary major must all sign and retro-date the registration blue card (before turning it into the registrar’s office).

Course Codes

CN/FR/GR/SP 4911 credit hour
CN/FR/GR/SP 4922 credit hours
CN/FR/GR/SP 4933 credit hours