Checklist for Student Billing

Questions about the student billing process? The Office of Admission and the Office of Student Accounts are here to help. Refer back to this list to ensure you stay informed and on track when it comes to paying the bill.

Billing Schedule

All billing statements are electronic and published the second Wednesday of every month. The first E-Bill for fall 2024 will be published July 10, 2024 and is due in full on August 1, 2024 unless you’re enrolled in the Monthly Payment Plan.

Monthly Payment Plan

If you want to pay the bill in four payments per term, you must enroll via your account by July 8, 2024. More information about the Monthly Payment Plan is available on the Office of Student Account’s website.

E-Pay, Payment Information, and Authorized Payers

E-Pay allows you to submit electronic payments and credit card payments. Paper checks—including 529 plan payments—can be submitted in person and by mail. International payments can be submitted via PayMyTuition.

You can also create authorized payers for anyone assisting you with your financial obligations to Butler University. Authorized Payers receive email notifications when the E-Bill is available and have their own access to view the bill and make payments.

Anticipated Aid

Financial aid that you’ve accepted is included on your E-Bill as “anticipated.” The aid posts to your student account the fifth day of classes. Any “pending” funds (e.g. outside scholarships) are not included in your Anticipated Aid until the funds have been received and processed by the Office of Financial Aid.

Federal Financial Aid

Per federal regulations, you must grant permission for all of your federal (Title IV) funds (e.g. Pell Grant, Direct Loans) to be applied to all miscellaneous charges (e.g. bookstore charges, parking decals, etc.).

Copies of E-Bills

If outside scholarship sources, 529 savings plan administrators, etc. have requested a copy of your E-Bill, forward immediately upon receipt to ensure payments are received by the Office of Student Accounts by the due date.

Expedite Receipt of 1098T (annual tax form)

You can sign up for paperless delivery at Click on Self Service Student Homepage and then Student Center. Under the Finances heading, click on  View Bills. Select Tax Forms on the left menu. You will then select Sign Up under the Sign Up for Paperless Delivery heading. Visit the Office of Student Accounts website for more information.

Annual Health Insurance Requirement—Updated July 17, 2023

All full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate students, graduate students enrolled in six or more credit hours, and undergraduate international students must have health insurance while attending Butler University. If you already have health insurance coverage, you must complete the online waiver after full-time enrollment and before August 19, 2023. The waiver site opens July 21 and the waiver must be completed each year. If you do not waive the health insurance plan by August 19, the annual charge $3,104 will be included in your September E-Bill published September 13, 2023. Fall 2023 Important Dates are available on the Student Accounts website. For more information regarding the requirement and access to the waiver site, visit Health Service’s website.

Refund Checks and Direct Deposit

If you anticipate a credit balance on your student account after your financial aid posts, log in to, click on the Refund Request tile, and follow the prompts to complete. Visit the Office of Student Accounts website for more information.

Money Matters Presentation

Watch this presentation with anyone who is assisting you with your financial obligation.

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to other questions you may have, visit the Office of Student Accounts’ FAQ page.