Federal Aid (Title IV) Student Permission

Federal regulations require Butler University to apply federal (Title IV) financial aid funds to  “allowable charges” which are tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board charges contracted with Butler University.  For students to grant permission to apply the remaining funds to miscellaneous charges, navigation instructions  are indicated below OR review our informational video.

To apply the remaining federal funds to miscellaneous charges that are posted to the student’s account (e.g. bookstore, parking decal, health services) students must grant permission.  To grant permission for federal Title IV funds to pay all charges posted to their student account, students must log on to their my.butler.edu account.  Once logged in, navigate to:

  • Self Service Student Homepage, then Student Center
  • Select View Student Permission
  • Select Grant Permissions
  • Read the Agreement and click Next
  • Click Yes, I have read the agreement
  • Submit

Once the above steps are completed and permission is granted, it is valid for future years.  The permission can only be revoked by the student, via written request submitted directly to the Office of Student Accounts.