Course Descriptions & Frequency of Offerings

Below is a listing of classes that may be offered by the Mathematics and Actuarial Science Department during your studies at Butler. For the most current information, please review our Course Catalog.

Frequency of Course Offerings

To help you plan your academic schedule during the course of your career at Butler, please review the following list.

Course No.Course NameFallOddSpringEvenFallEvenSpringOddCredit Hours
AR 210-MAStatistically Speaking(U)(3)
AR 211-MACodes & Secret Messages(U)(3)
AR 212-MAWin, Lose or Draw(U)(3)
MA 101Algebra(U)(3)
MA 102Precalculus(U)(3)
MA 106Calculus and Analytic Geometry I(U)(4)
MA 107Calculus and Analytic Geometry II(U)(4)
MA 108First Year Problem Solving
MA 125Business Calculus(U)(3)
MA 162Statistical Methods(U)(3)
MA 200Introduction to Proofs ● ●(U)(3)
MA 205Discrete Mathematics(U)(3)
MA 208Calculus and Analytic Geometry III(U)(4)
MA 301History of Mathematics(U/G)(3)
MA 305*Graph Theory**(U/G)(3)
MA 308*Problem Seminar****(U/G)(1)
MA 310Linear Algebra
MA 311*Number Theory*(U/G)(3)
MA 330Complex Analysis(U/G)(3)
MA 334Differential Equations(U/G)(3)
MA 337*Applied Dynamics(U/G)(3)
Course No.Course NameFallOddSpringEvenFallEvenSpringOddCredit Hours
MA 351Geometry(U/G)(3)
MA 354*Topology*(U/G)(3)
MA 359Probability and Statistics
MA 360Probability Theory I(U/G)(3)
MA 361Statistical Theory(U/G)(3)
MA 362Applied Statistical Methods ●(U/G)(3)
MA 363Probability Theory II(U/G)(3)
MA 364**Design of Experiments(U/G)(3)
MA 365*Numerical Analysis*(U/G)(3)
MA 369**Multivariate Statistical Methods(U/G)(3)
MA 372Loss Models(U/G)(3)
MA 395Financial Mathematics(U/G)(4)
MA 397Actuarial Mathematics I ●(U)(3)
MA 398Actuarial Mathematics II ●(U)(3)
MA 399Financial Derivatives ●(U)(3)
MA 401, 402, 403**Independent Study(U/G)(1-3)
MA 411***Internship(U/G)(3)
MA 412Algebra:  Groups(U/G)(3)
MA 413Algebra:  Rings and Fields(U/G)(3)
MA 426WAnalysis:  Theory of Calculus ● ●(U/G)(3)
MA 427Analysis:  Lebesgue Integral(U/G)(3)
MA 428*Analysis:  Calcuus on Manifold****(U/G)(3)
MA 467Nonparametric Statistical Methods(U/G)(3)
MA 468Predictive Analytics and Data Mining(U/G)(3)
MA 469*Advanced Statistical Computing(U/G)(3)
MA 471 ,472, 473**Topics of Mathematics(U/G)(1-3)
MA 490-SSenior Seminar(U)(1)
MA 495Mathematics for Investment Portfolios(U/G)(1)
MA 499Honors Thesis(U)(3)

*These courses are offered fairly regularly but not strictly in any given term
**These courses are offered on an as-needed basis and require a faculty sponsor.
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Revised June 2021