Internship Requirements

Please read the LAS Internship Curriculum Guidelines  to ensure you understand the program.  The document provides information on receiving academic credit and requirements for completing the project.

The LAS Academic Internship Contract is to be completed by the faculty supervisor and signed by both the supervisor and the student.  Form 2 should be completed prior to the start of the internship.

Students must submit the completed Student Internship Agreement to the internship coordinator when registering for credit.  It must be submitted prior to beginning the internship.  Entering into this Agreement is in consideration of Butler University (“University”) considering the internship requested by the student and as a condition to the student’s participation in same.

Please contact your academic advisor for help with completing the required forms.

The LAS Academic Internship Contract and the University Student Internship Agreement should both be completed by each student’s academic advisor.  There is no need to print these forms; just know they are required.

The internship program is an important part of our curriculum. It has proven to be exciting for our students and it can be. valuable for the sponsor as well.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Rena Duerksen at

Program Requirements

The purpose of the internship program is to provide mathematics, statistics, and actuarial science majors with realistic work experience during their junior and/or senior years. In order to obtain a better understanding of the professional environment, students will apply classroom training and theory to work situations.

  • An internship must be arranged and approved in advance of the actual work experience.
  • A student intern will register for MA413.  Up to three hours of credit may be earned for an internship.
  • A formalized schedule of work-related activities should be developed by the student intern in consultation with the faculty adviser and the participating sponsor. It is the student’s responsibility to develop this schedule in order to insure an orderly procedure for participation in the program.
  • The student intern will be reviewed twice during the semester and should maintain weekly contact with the faculty adviser. The final review and summation will be performed in cooperation with the participating sponsor.
  • The student intern will prepare a final written report describing in detail the total work experience. This report should be given to the Head of the Department.
  • A final grade will be determined from reviews by the faculty adviser and the participating sponsor and from the quality of the final reports.

Internship Forms

There are 3 forms which need to be completed by the student applying for an internship.
The forms may be accessed by a faculty advisor/supervisor when requested by a student.

The agreements should be completed and turned in before the internship begins. For each student, paperwork should be emailed to Holly Zimbelman as a single PDF document with the following naming convention: Term code + subject code + number + student last name + student last name. For example: 4203 SO484 Doe Jane.

For more information, faculty can check the LAS canvas page for internships at Internship Documents: LAS Faculty & Staff (