Actuarial Science Program

An actuary is a mathematician responsible for estimating risks, primarily in the insurance and financial security industries. The Butler program helps to prepare students for the professional examinations administered by the Casualty Actuary Society and the Society of Actuaries. In addition to the departmental requirements below, a student must complete the University Core Curriculum, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences language requirement, and other general requirements, including a writing intensive course.

Additional information for Actuarial Science may be obtained at the following websites: Society of ActuariesCasualty Actuarial Society, and Be An Actuary.

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NOTE: The information found on this website with respect to major/minor/program requirements is primarily directed at providing prospective students a general roadmap of the curriculum.  Current Butler students are expected to review their degree audit report at and speak with their advisor regularly for detailed information regarding their specific degree requirements and their progress toward degree completion.