General Services Provided

  • Publish an electronic billing statement (E-Bill) the 2nd Wednesday of every month for all students with a balance due or credit balance on the account.
  • Accept and post paper check and cash payments to students' accounts.
  • Provide student account counseling.
  • Free check cashing for students, faculty & staff (up to $100 personal check with valid Butler or picture ID; up to $200 if Butler University check).
  • Process Refund Requests for those accounts with credit balances while classes are in session.  Further details below.   
  • Provide Direct Deposit forms for students with on-campus jobs.  (Scroll to bottom of page for details.)
  • Distribute student payroll checks (for students who do not have direct deposit).
  • Sell Money Orders up to $200 for $5.00 fee. 
  • Negotiate petty cash forms for students, faculty and staff.

Fall 2014 Billing

The first E-Bill for the fall 2014 semester was published July 9, 2014, and was due in full by August 5, 2014, unless student was enrolled in the Monthly Payment Plan.  

Spring 2015 Billing

The first E-Bill for spring 2015 was published December 10, 2014, and was due in full by January 6, 2015.  For students enrolled in the Monthly Payment Plan (4 payments), the first payment was due in full January 6, 2015 and the final payment is due in full April 2, 2015.

Electronic Billing (E-Bill) & Electronic Payments (E-Pay)

The Office of Student Accounts provides students and families electronic billing statements (E-Bills) and the opportunity to make electronic payments (E-Pay).  For details, check out E-Bill & E-Pay information.  The section entitled, "Creating Authorized User Accounts"  provides the navigation instructions for students to establish Authorized Users.  Once established, Authorized Users have access to view E-Bills and make electronic payments. 

Authorized Users access student E-Bill & E-Pay at

Having trouble viewing your E-Bill?

When you attempt to view your E-Bill or make an E-Payment, do you receive a message that states, "you are not authorized to access..." If so, you are experiencing a browser issue. To resolve, first determine what type of system you are using (MAC/Apple or PC).

If you're using a MAC (Apple) computer and the Safari browser, go to the main browser menu and select Safari then PREFERENCES. Click on the PRIVACY tab and select NEVER for BLOCK COOKIES.

If you're using a PC (any other personal computer), relax the browser security settings. Click on TOOLS then INTERNET OPTIONS then PRIVACY tab. Change the setting to Medium, Low, or Accept All Cookies. Also, make sure the the box marked Turn on Pop up blocker is NOT checked.

Either of the two steps above should allow you to access the E-Bill and E-Pay site. If problems persist with viewing your E-Bill, please contact the HELP desk at (317) 940-HELP or


Credit card and electronic check payments must be made via E-Pay. MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted credit cards.  Effective 4/30/13, VISA is also accepted.  Credit card payments via mail, phone or in person cannot be processed. 

Our office accepts paper checks. Please include student's BU ID on the face of the check and mail to:

Office of Student Accounts
4600 Sunset Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Monthly Payment Plan

FALL 2014: 

Enrollment dates for participation in the Fall 2014 Monthly Payment Plan have expired. 

Spring 2015

Enrollment dates for participation in the Spring 2015 Monthly Payment Plan have expired.

Health Insurance Requirement

University policy states that all full-time, undergraduate students are required to have health insurance.  Students must enroll in the health plan OR waive the requirement online by providing comparable health insurance information at the beginning of each academic year.  The waiver must be successfully completed each year by the first of July to prevent the charge from appearing on the first E-Bill for the fall term (which is published mid-July). 

The waiver does NOT apply to undergraduate international students.  

NOTE:  Effective August 27, 2014, the online waiver was no longer available.  For further information, please go to  health insurance requirement. 

The annual cost for the health insurance for 2014-15 is $1131.  The cost for spring 2015 only is $712.00     

Student Paycheck Direct Deposit

Students who have an on-campus job and receive a bi-weekly paycheck are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit. Direct deposit is easy, convenient, safe, and saves valuable time during the busy semester. Signing up for direct deposit will prevent waiting in long lines at the Office of Student Accounts cashiering window on payday. Students will still have access to cash as they are allowed to cash a personal check up to $100 per business day (with BU ID) at the Office of Student Accounts cashiering window during cashiering hours. 
Signing up is easy!  Students - log on to and select Self-Service then Payroll and Compensation, then Direct Deposit and follow the instructions to Add Account (or EDIT a current account).   


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