Get to Know Your Student Center

Your Student Center will lead you to many of the things that you’ll need to know during your time at Butler University. To access your Student Center, log onto, and click on Self Service Student Homepage. For details on signing into the Student Center, please visit: Ask.Butler.

Feel free to explore your Student Center to become familiar with the information that is available.

Select the Other Academic drop down to find additional information on your Academic Require­ments, BU Cultural Requirements, Class Schedule (Study List), and to request an En­rollment Verification, add or drop courses, view Exam Schedules, Test Scores, Transfer Credits, and your unofficial Transcript.

Update your address and phone number as well as register your vehicle under the Personal Information section.

Find your advisor and their contact information by selecting the Advisor tab, and clicking on your advisor.

Link to Financial Aid, Registration and Records, and Student Accounts from your Student Center. Just click on the links under the Visit more of Butler tab.

You can learn more about the information found in your Student Center by visiting Ask.Butler.


Keeping Up with Your Requirements

The Advisement Report itemizes each requirement for your degree and major, and identifies whether the requirement is satisfied or not. If it has been satisfied, it lists the courses which are used to satisfy the requirement. If the requirement has not been met, ‘Requirement Not Satisfied’ is shown, with details about why.

Select the My Academics link on your Student Center to:

  • View your official Academic Program: Major, Second Major, and Minor
  • View your advisor
  • Request an Enrollment Verification
  • Thinking of changing or adding a major? Use the What-if Report to check what additional requirements would be needed.

The “What-if Report” will allow you to see the effect that changing your major would make in your progress towards satisfying different degree requirements. It allows you to specify a major and then generate an advisement audit based on that choice. For complete instructions, check Ask.Butler.

For additional FAQ’s about academic information available in your Student Center, please visit Ask.Butler.