Advisement Report

To check how your accomplishments match up to the degree requirements for your major, you can review your Academic Requirements, also called an Advisement Report or Advising Audit.


Log on to your account. In the menu on the left, click on Self Service and then from the dropdown under Other Academics, select Academic Requirements. Then click the blue button with the double right arrows.

Or you can click on the My Academics link, then the View my advisement report link.

Thinking of a change? Check the Quick What-If report below.

How to Read your Advising Audit

This report itemizes each requirement for your degree and major, and identifies whether the requirement is satisfied or not. If it has been satisfied, it lists the courses which are used to satisfy the requirement. If the requirement has NOT been met, Requirement Not Satisfied is shown, with details about why.

It’s a long report; be patient. Read carefully to find the specifics about requirements that you are thinking about, and to make sure there are no surprises later.

Not Quite Right?

Variances are sometimes granted, and sometimes an error is made in interpretation of a requirement. If you feel you have fulfilled a requirement that is still showing as not satisfied, check with R&R. Call Deanna Crisan 317-940-9442 to set up a review.

What-If Report

The “Quick What-if” button allows you to see the effect that changing your major would make in your progress towards satisfying different degree requirements. It allows you to specify a major and then generate an advisement audit based on that choice. For complete instructions, check