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Mathematics & Actuarial Science

Butler’s Department of Mathematics & Actuarial Science offers an undergraduate degree in Mathematics that adheres strictly to the Committee for Undergraduate Program in Mathematics guidelines—one of the few undergraduate programs in the country to do so, making it also one of the best. 

Through a rigorous curriculum, direct faculty contact, and free tutoring opportunities, students will be prepared for graduate or professional education, as well as careers in government, industry, and teaching. 

Butler’s undergraduate degree in Actuarial Science brings a rigorous curriculum designed to prepare students for all necessary professional aptitude examinations. We can also help them secure an advanced-level position in risk management, investment, banking, insurance, or retirement services. 

Our small class sizes, enthusiastic learning environment, and 100% employment rate of graduates makes our Actuarial Science program one of the most successful in the country, and our exceptional faculty ensure that all students receive the personal, comprehensive education they need to begin a successful career as a professional actuary. 

Learn more about the Mathematics and Actual Science Programs at Butler.