New to Butler

Business Cards

Make sure others know how to reach you with one of Butler’s business card options. There is a standard front design with four options for the back of the card. Pick your favorite and order through Campus Impressions (details below).

Front Design

Back Design Options

How to Order

Business cards can be ordered through Campus Impressions via CopyNet. If you have any questions about CopyNet, check the FAQs or contact Campus Impressions at 317-940-6495.

Name Badges

Name badges will be silver and Butler blue and will include an individual’s name, title, and/or department name.

Name Badge Example

How to Order

Name badges can be ordered through Steve Bardach at Bardach Awards— Colleges and departments are encouraged to send one complete order vs. multiple individual orders, if possible.

Butler Directory

The Butler Directory system contains profiles, photos, contact information, etc. for all faculty/staff members of Butler. Every employee has sole access to their own Directory information and is responsible for the information found there.

View instructions for creating your Butler profile.

Email Signatures

Every email that comes from the University reflects upon the institution. Using one simple, branded email signature across campus helps strengthen not only the perception of the University’s valuable reputation, but also assists in communicating the University’s visual identity on the most basic level. In order to create a more consistent University-wide web presence, we recommend the following email signature templates as a baseline.

Standard Email Signature

12 pt. Georgia is the preferred font for email signatures, and should be listed in this order:

  • Name (bold)
  • Title
  • Office/Unit
  • Butler University (appears on its own line)
  • Building/Room
  • 4600 Sunset Avenue
  • Indianapolis, Indiana 46208
  • Phone | Mobile phone
  • Email address | Web address (An option to include your professional social network links is also acceptable on the last line.)
  • Butler University email signature wordmark.

Sample Signature

Phil Eichacker
Art Director
Marketing and Communications
Butler University

Download the properly-sized Butler University email signature wordmark.

Instructions for email signature implementation

For Windows:

  • Open a new message.
  • On the Message tab, in the Include group, click Signature, and then click Signatures.
  • On the Email Signature tab, click New.
  • Type a name for the signature, click OK.
  • In the Edit signature box, paste the signature you copied below (Control+V).

For Mac:

  • Go to the Outlook menu and select Preferences.
  • Select Signatures.
  • Click the plus icon (+) to add a new signature.
  • Double click the “Untitled” signature and rename it.
  • In the Signature box, paste the signature you copied below (Command+V).