1. Click here to access CopyNet.
  2. CopyNet is synced to your Butler network account and utilizes the same Butler username and password you use to access other services like My.Butler.
  3. First you will be required to complete your account. Fill in your personal information. This information and your password will be linked to you whenever you login.
  1. Log in to CopyNet.
  2. To access the order screen click “New Print Order”
  3. Fill in the “Job Name” “Qty” and “Date Needed”
  4. Make selections from drop downs based on how your project should print.
  5. Select “Browse” on the left side to upload your file.
  6. Select “Add” to go to screen where you can access your files. Click on the “Select” button to see your files. Pick the file you wish to upload and click “Choose”. Your file name will show in the box. Now click “Upload” and your file will be added to your library.

Delete the current service code on the job details page and enter the code to which you want to charge the job.

Log in to CopyNet and look at the “Status” column located on the “Print Jobs” page.

Contact Campus Impressions:

Phone: 317-940-6495

Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:00 AM– 4:30 PM

Located in the basement of the Holcomb Building, room 054

Contact the Business Office at 317-940-9779.

Log in to CopyNet and click “Support” at the top of the page to access the documentation or videos. The support documents and videos are accessible at each stage of the ordering process.

There are several benefits with this new cloud-based ordering system. Some of the benefits include:

  • Easy to use web-based software
  • Streamlined ordering experience and saves time
  • Submit recurring jobs without re-entering all the information and reattaching the file
  • Submit jobs from off-campus
  • Business cards can be ordered online with instant proofs
  • Centralized repository of all your print/copy jobs
  • On demand training videos and documentation

You will receive an email notification after your job is complete. If you requested the “Delivery” option, your job will be delivered on or before the delivery date you requested.

You can order a personal job using the CopyNet application. To signify your job is a personal order, check the “Personal Order” box on the job details page.

The most common print/copy options are included on the job details page.  Please contact Campus Impressions for more information on custom printing options.

Phone: 317-940-6495

Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:00 AM– 4:30 PM

Yes.  Once you enter the job the first time, you can highlight the job you want to resubmit on the “Print Jobs” page and click copy. At a minimum, you will need to update the due date for the job on the job details page.

CopyNet provides you with the opportunity to preview a job before it is submitted.  If you need to see a hard copy proof, please include this information in the special instruction section.

Please include this information in the special instruction section of your order, or contact Campus Impressions.

Phone: 317-940-6495

Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:00 AM–4:30 PM