Marketing & Communications Staff

We are a highly unified, yet eclectic group of professionals. Together, we’ve racked up decades of creative experience in sustaining and leveraging Butler’s stories through our wide array of services. Along the way we’ve won some awards and been nationally recognized for our work. We don’t simply settle for good enough; rather, we reach for continuous personal and professional growth. Whether this is through attending various conferences, or development of our own creative afternoons and monthly creative exercises, we are always pushing ourselves to look for new and innovative ways to share all things Butler with the rest of the world.​


Sherrylyn Wallace
Headshot of Sherrylyn Wallace
Vice President Marketing & Brand Management

Brand Strategy

Courtney Tuell
Headshot of Courtney Tuell
Senior Director of Brand Strategy

Joshua Lohse
Headshot of Joshua Lohse
Digital Marketing Analyst
Rachel Stotts
Headshot of Rachel Stotts
Senior Marketing Manager

Victoria Ochs
Headshot of Victoria Ochs
Marketing Specialist

Evan Krauss
Headshot of Evan Krauss
Assistant Director, Digital Content Strategy

Trinidy Charles
Headshot of Trinidy Charles
Digital Content Specialist

Enrollment Marketing

Kristi Lafree
Headshot of Kristi Lafree
Director of Enrollment Marketing

Meredith Sauter
Headshot of Meredith Sauter
Associate Director of Enrollment Marketing
Kaitlyn Roberts
Headshot of Kaitlyn Roberts
Enrollment Marketing CRM Manager

Kaitlin Hennessey
Enrollment Marketing Specialist

Creative Services

Nancy Lyzun
Headshot of Nancy Lyzun
Director, Creative Services

Zachry Bolinger
Headshot of Zachry Bolinger
Multimedia Producer
David Downham
Headshot of David Downham
Philip Eichacker
Headshot of Philip Eichacker

Alisha Luckenbill
Headshot of Alisha Luckenbill
Associate Art Director
Joel Stein
Headshot of Joel Stein
Kulyn VanMeter
Headshot of Kulyn VanMeter
Marketing Operations Associate